Kelly Ripa Plastic Surgery 2024

A popular actress Kelly Ripa was born in New Jersey in 1970, which means she already in her 50 years old. Besides life as an American actress, she also becomes a host in some talk show program as well as a great television producer. Maybe you know her more by her role in television soap opera, a long run program namely All My Children. She already married and has three children with her husband, Mark Consuelos.

Kelly Ripa Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures 2024

Kelly Ripa Plastic Surgery Before and After 2024

Kelly Ripa Before And After Plastic Surgery

Did Kelly Ripa Have Plastic Surgery?

As an actress, she also has several rumors that caught by media. One of the hottest rumor she ever been issued is about Kelly Ripa plastic surgery. In her 40 years old, her face looks so much younger, and this makes media and people suspect she gone under surgery knife. Anyway, you do not need to wonder whether Kelly really has done cosmetic surgery or not because she already admitted it to the media. Moreover, you can also prove if Kelly did plastic surgery by comparing her old pictures with her recent photos. You will see there is some difference on her face.

Kelly Plastic Surgery Procedure

Has Kelly Ripa had plastic surgery? It is very rare that celebrities can calmly admit if they done plastic surgery. Usually, they try to cover it up and pretending not to gone under the knife. They think that people cannot tell if they really did plastic surgery or not. It is so refreshing that Kelly confesses about her Botox treatment, which she has done. When she asked and interviewed in some magazine, she admits it that she has done Botox every seven months. Surely, the Botox treatment needed to keep her youthful look. Let’s discuss it further.

Kelly Ripa Botox Injection

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For the Kelly confession in Elle Magazine, we all know that she is really done Botox treatment for every seven months. Not only that, what makes people more shocked is when she added that she also does the Botox injection for her armpit. She said the injection needed to prevent sweat. Although she said, she just injects her armpit not as often as her forehead injection.

The result of Botox treatment makes her face looks younger; you can see it clearly by her free wrinkle forehead. Women around her 40 should have aging signs that start to appear, but we barely see it on Kelly’s face. Instead, her face looks fresh and does not represent her real age. She also said to have Botox treatment around her eyes to make her eyelid free from wrinkles. Fortunately, she only did it once every seven months, and there is a lot of celebrities who overdo it and end with a frozen face. Kelly’s face still looks natural and beautiful; it looks like the plastic surgery givers her best result. But, it seems not all people agree with Kelly Botox in her armpit. It is due to her reason for doing Botox to prevent sweating. Some people said that it would cause you cancer if you try to prevent natural sweating. Our body sweats because of a good reason that is to secrete toxins.

Kelly Nose Job Procedure

Kelly also rumored to have nose jobs besides regular Botox treatment. You can compare her before after photos and see the difference in her nose shape. Her nose looks smaller and pointy compared to before. You can see her tip and nasal area seem smaller and refined. Unfortunately, Kelly did not talk too much about her nose job procedure, unlike the Botox treatment. She never gives enough response or explanation about the possibility of her nose job. Moreover, she also rumored for having liposuction. Whether this rumor true or false, we cannot give a sure answer since she never admits it.

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