Megyn Kelly Plastic Surgery 2024

There are a lot of new rumors or news on the internet, that is why we always watch TV every day. Since people still following the TV news, then more and more news anchor becomes famous, some of them even consider as a celebrity. One of the most popular news anchors is Megyn Kelly, who is known for her beauty and smart image. People admire not only her face but also her feet since many people think that her feet are beautiful. However, that does not stop the news about Megyn Kelly plastic surgery to come out to the surface.

Megyn Kelly Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures 2024

Megyn Kelly Plastic Surgery Before and After 2024

Megyn Kelly Before And After Plastic Surgery

Did Megyn Kelly Have Plastic Surgery?

Has Megyn Kelly had plastic surgery? Megyn Kelly is an elegant news anchor; however, people start to notice that there is a lot of change that happened in her body. That might not decrease her elegance, but they would make people think if what they see is fake or not.

Megyn Kelly Nose Job

When you see Megyn Kelly in her early career, you will notice that she has a big nose bridge with a big bottom area. You also can see some bumps on her nose. But when you see her recent appearance, you can notice that her nose has now become slimmer, the bottom area also reduced a little, and the bumps have gone. That is surely not normal because even with makeup, they would never be able to create such appearance on her.

That is why people think about nose surgery happened to Megyn Kelly. However, when you see her picture more detailed, the change in her nose area is not only happened once, but that has happened twice. For her first nose job, it seems that the work is not good enough, so the result has gone wrong. In some of her photos, you could see her nose does not look good at all. Luckily her second nose job has able to fix them all, and now we could see that she has a beautiful and sculptured nose.

Megyn Kelly Breast Implant

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Still, in Megyn Kelly’s early career photos, you could notice that she has small breasts, which is not appealing. It seems that she does not satisfy with what she already has, and she wants to get a bigger breast for her body. This is why we could see now that she has a bigger breast on her body. This new breast of her surely makes her appearance more appealing, and it seems that she gets a boost of confidence from it.

To proof that Megyn Kelly has done some surgery to her breast, you could try to search for the surgery scar on her body. It seems that she opt for the surgery to be done from her armpit so the scar could easily be seen. It appears like a small stretch mark scar, and it looked so thin but still very obvious since there is no way a stretch mark could happen on the armpit.

Megyn Kelly Facelift Surgery

Since she needs to appear every day on the television, then she surely needs to maintain her appearance. That also includes the aging sign that should not happen to her face. If you see her recent appearance, then it is not strange that many people suspect about Botox procedure along with facelift has been done by her. You could see for yourself that she does not show any wrinkle or sagging skin in any part of her face, which should not be possible when you remember her age. Nevertheless, it seems that most of her surgery really working well for her, and she really gets the beauty that she wants to have to maintain her career.

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