Pete Burns Plastic Surgery 2024

Pete Burns is an English singer of the popular and legendary rock band called “Dead or Alive.” He also becomes a brilliant songwriter and television personality. Pete was born at England in 1959, which means he is 60 years old. He becomes so popular when he founded his band and when he appears in several television programs. Besides all of his works, he is also famous because of his addiction to plastic surgery, which turns his face into a nightmare.

Pete Burns Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures 2024

Pete Burns Plastic Surgery Before and After 2024

Pete Burns Before And After Plastic Surgery

Has Pete Burns had plastic surgery? Maybe it is not surprising news if celebrities are gone under a surgery knife for some treatment to reshape their body here and there. But, what makes people shock with Pete Burns plastic surgery issue is the result of his surgeries, which turn his face into an unrecognizable appearance. Maybe you can include Pete Burn into the celebrity plastic surgery victim list.

You do not need to prove anything from Peter Burn about whether he has done plastic surgery or not since he himself already admitted it. He even said on his official statement that even his face is falling off, he will never stop doing plastic surgery. He aware the result of plastic surgery makes his face botched, but even though he knew that he still wants to do another surgery again.

Did Pete Burns Have Plastic Surgery?

The rock star, Pete Burns, now may have a feminine look because of plastic surgery. He has gone under surgery knife and overdid the surgeries because of his never-ending addiction. What kind of plastic surgeries which he has done?

Pete Burns Lips Implant

We don’t know why Pete has done lip implant surgery, and maybe he tried to imitate Angelina Jolie or whatever. But, his lip plastic surgery did not give a satisfactory result since it looks so bad on him. His lips become bigger and swollen with a terribly thick look. He admits that he spends about one million Pounds just to reshape his lips with injection. Unfortunately, his lips implant did not turn well, and because of this, Pete Burns sued the doctor who handles his lip implant procedure, and he won the legal feud with 450,000 Pounds payback. He also said that he spend his earnings for eighteen months just to fix his bad plastic surgery.

Pete Burns Botox Injection

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Botox is an effective way to get rid of aging signs, and that’s what people like to tell, especially among celebrities that start to get aged. Pete admitted that he has regular Botox injections on his face. He also said that the frequent Botox treatment, which he has always does is no different from redecorating a house. He said that changing his face shape is like buying a new sofa.

Pete Burns Facelift Surgery

To complete his Botox injection, he also gets a face lift surgery procedure. You can tell by judging on his face that he does not have any fine lines on his forehead. Even though his skins look smoother and glowing, but the Botox and facelift surgeries made his face swollen and painful. The facelift makes his look unnatural and frozen, and he barely can smile.

Pete Nose Job

Last but not least, Pete also did a nose job to reshape his face. The media said that he might be not only doing the nose job once but repeatedly, and that is why his face looks so unnatural. His nose shape looks wider and melted than before. The bad news is the surgery did not fit with his small face.

We all know many people already said that Pete should stop his obsession with plastic surgeries or worst he will get a more botched look. Hope in the future; he can say “no” to plastic surgery.

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