Axl Rose Plastic Surgery 2024

Axl Rose is mostly known by his band name that makes him very famous. Of course the talent also contributes to the fame, and eventually, good looking appearance supports all of that which makes his career road smoother. However, his drug use has brought controversies to his career and eventually he stops pursuing his career for twelve years before coming back again less than a decade ago. This comeback does not mean he has escaped from all controversies because now he gets Axl Rose plastic surgery controversies coming up right after his comeback. Has Axl Rose had plastic surgery?

Axl Rose Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures 2020

Axl Rose Plastic Surgery Before and After 2024

Axl Rose Before And After Plastic Surgery

Did Axl Rose Have Plastic Surgery?

Twelve years is a long period for Axl Rose to disappear. However, it could not explain how his appearance could change completely just in twelve years. A lot of his former fans is shocking to see his appearance when he comeback since the difference is so obvious.

Axl Rose Botox Injection

The first difference in Axl Rose appearance is on his face that appears white and too pale compared to his old skin. Furthermore, he does not show any aging effect even though he is already in his fifties. With that proof we can say that he uses Botox injection on his face, the effect of Botox injection has made his face white and shining. And it also able to eliminate the wrinkle on his face which should already been there years ago.

Axl Rose Facelift Surgery

Another difference that available on Axl Rose appearance is that his face seems frozen, so he appears like a doll. Usually this kind of effect is available after someone has done facelift surgery. Furthermore Axl Rose is known for his drug addiction, so it will make the effect appear clearer on his face. It is very bad since he is known to have a very handsome face which should not appear like a doll.

Axl Rose Nose Job

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The most obvious change on Axl Rose appearance is visible on his nose. If you take a glance on his nose in his before picture when he is still young, you can see that he has a big nose with wide nose bridge which actually does not really matter since it suits his appearance. However, if you see his after picture in his more recent appearance, you can see that his nose has been reduced since it is now getting smaller and the nose bridge also getting narrower. With his more sculptured shaped nose, we can say that he has done nose surgery before.

Axl Rose Statement About His Controversies

Axl Rose is truly brave men because when he is asked about all of his controversies on plastic surgery, he does not feel ashamed to admits that he has truly done plastic surgery as alleged by many people. Besides the alleged plastic surgery, he also said to have used facial filler and even hair plug procedure to repairing his hairlines that are receding.

Axl Rose said that he is done all of those alleged plastic surgery because he wants to find with an aging sign. Moreover, he also wants to fight with the bad effect of the drug on his appearance that he used to use. So he fixes his appearance by doing nose job and adding facial filler to get fresh looks.

With too much procedure going on Axl Rose’s face, we could not recognize his old face anymore. His face has changed so much that makes his fans worried about him, luckily his voice and musical ability does not get any transformation at all so he still able to play great music for his fans then at least his fans have to be satisfied with that.


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