Sridevi Plastic Surgery 2024

Besides the Hollywood, there is another big entertainment industry called Bollywood. This industry is actually the same as in Hollywood thus given the name Bollywood; the difference is that the Bollywood industry is originally from India. But everything inside this industry is still the same, all movies and drama, beautiful actress and actor, and even their controversies. One of the biggest controversies comes from Sridevi plastic surgery. She is very famous Indian actress that starts her career at the young age of four. Even today when she is already in her fifties, she still active in staring many movie production.

Sridevi Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures 2020

Sridevi Plastic Surgery Before and After 2024

Sridevi Before And After Plastic Surgery

Did Sridevi Have Plastic Surgery?

Along with her working career Sridevi, of course, will get some controversies in her life. Especially when she is considered as one of the most beautiful ladies in India. That is why she needs to preserve her beautiful image.

Sridevi and Aging Signs

Although Sridevi indeed beautiful women, but some of her fans still expect her to aging. This actually a common thing since she has already getting old. So her fans do not mind at all when she looked older with the sign of aging. However what the fans expect to happen, actually never really happened. Because as you can see, Sridevi still has her old beautiful appearance especially on her face which free from any wrinkle and sagging skin, she does not even have any eye bag that should already able in her age. This thing had actually backfired to her since they are the one that creates controversies for Sridevi.

Because of her never changing beauty, some fans see it as something that is not natural. Thus it makes everyone wonder whether she is done plastic surgery to keep her condition. It is suspected that she has done much aging treatments including Botox and maybe a facelift. This could be clearly seen on her face, especially her skin that appears tight without a wrinkle. Her face actually looks too tights that make it seems like plastic and not an actual skin.

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Sridevi Statement about Plastic Surgery

Has Sridevi had plastic surgery? When hearing about all of the controversies that she gets from her appearance. Sridevi quickly denies it all by saying she does not do any of that surgery. She said that she has able to preserve her great skin and beautiful condition because of her lifestyle. She also said that it would be better when everyone starts to do yoga instead of doing any plastic surgery since by doing yoga; you could actually prevent the aging and makes you feel better and calmer. She also said that she does a lot of exercises through tennis sport which allows her to reduce the fat that accumulates on her body. Another thing that she does is to keep her diet by selecting what she should eat, in your old days, you should keep yourself from eating any fatty food because your body could not tolerate it anymore. With these systematic lifestyle that she is done for a lot of time, she has able to keep herself from getting old.

Sridevi and Her Fans

As her fans, some would actually believe what she said, and they even start to do many pieces of advice that Sridevi said to keep them from getting any aging sign. However, there are also some fans that could not believe it because they still think that it would not be possible to gain such result only by doing what Sridevi think she was done. Nevertheless, we could see that Sridevi still able to preserve her beauty, whether it is from plastic surgery or from her lifestyle we do not know for sure.

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