Suzanne Somers Plastic Surgery 2024

This actress is best known for her devilish role in some films she stars in, but even with that role, no one could really hate her because she looked so beautiful. When they say a beautiful person gets forgiven easily, then your star would be Suzanne Somers. However, some of her fans still not forgetting about Suzanne Somers plastic surgery scandal which rose along with her career. Whenever she appears in any film or television show people start to talk about her appearance; what change about it, and how she could remind flawless even at her current age. Has Suzanne Somers had plastic surgery?

Suzanne Somers Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures 2020

Suzanne Somers Plastic Surgery Before and After 2024

Suzanne Somers Before And After Plastic Surgery

Did Suzanne Somers Have Plastic Surgery?

Actually having a scandal is not a new thing in Suzanne Somers life because she often speaks freely of anything inside her mind, so it often creates a lot of controversies in her life which blown up to a big scandal.

Suzanne Somers Cheek Implant

Since Suzanne Somers has worked in the entertainment industry ever since she was young, you should be able to find her youth picture easily. This is why we want you to compare it to her current picture. As we see she used to have flat cheek since she does not want to look fat on her young age. But when you see her now, we could see that she has much fuller cheek which she does not have before, this is because when you get older, your cheek will become sunken. That is why most people would do cheek implant to prevent their cheek from sunken, and that is what we think done by Suzanne Somers. And as you can see the result is amazing because she looked young and fresh with her current look.

Suzanne Somers Lips Implant

We always know Suzanne Somers for her beautiful smile and unique shaped lips that you could easily see on her youth age. During that time the lips are still thin, and it has a shape that you could not find in another person. However when you see her current appearance, then you would not be able to find those unique lips that she used to have because she has changed her lips into a fuller size which makes the shape change and it would be different from her old lips shape. This is why we suspected that she might use lips implant to change the appearance of her lips.

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Suzanne Somers’s Aging Signs

This scandal would be very interesting to look at, we all know that Suzanne Somers has already passed her sixty age, but when we look at her, we could not know for sure. We might even think that she is twenty years younger from her current age. It seems like she never ages, and her beauty stays still. This should not be possible because she should already show many signs of aging at her current age. This is why many people suspect her to do many plastic surgery procedures to keeps herself from aging away.

Suzanne Somers statement for her scandal

Regarding all of those accusation Suzanne Somers said that she has not done any plastic surgery. But she did do anything else to keep herself from aging which is hormone treatment. This is actually another scandal in her life which she used many kinds of the chemical hormone to treat her body so it would stay young. However many doctors have said that the method she used is not safe and would be very dangerous so it should not be followed by anyone. That is why we do not know whether she really done any surgery or the result is because of the hormone she uses.

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