Kenya Moore Plastic Surgery 2024

Kenya Moore is highly known for her beauty, and she even gets crowned in America for it on 1993 pageant. This is why, when speaking about her, we could not deny that she is a very beautiful lady. That is also what makes her famous, and she even gets to enter a reality show and film for her personal life. However, because of her appearance on the TV show, she gets accused of Kenya Moore plastic surgery from several people since they notice that there are a lot of differences in her compared to her old looks. Has Kenya Moore had plastic surgery?

Kenya Moore Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures 2024

Kenya Moore Plastic Surgery Before and After 2024

Kenya Moore Before And After Plastic Surgery

Did Kenya Moore Have Plastic Surgery? The Truth of Kenya Moore Buttock Implant

This accusation starts when she works on her reality show and accused of doing a buttock implant. The one that accuses her is Phaedra Parks, which said that she has some implant on her buttock and makes her buttock bigger. Actually, this accusation is not something without any reason since when you see Kenya Moore buttock when she has just first appeared on her pageant, she does not support that big buttock size. That time her buttock is still flat, and it is not as big as what it is now.

The accusation on Kenya Moore’s buttock implant becomes much worse when there is a picture that shows she has dent buttock on her left side. So the speculation comes up that she likes to sleep on her side, which let the dent on her buttock. People that had buttock implant need to sleep on her belly so not to crush on the implant planted on the buttock. Luckily the pictured alleged has been known to be a fake one, and the dent is just something created using Photoshop. However, even with that proved to be something fake, the accusation about Kenya Moore doing buttock implants is still not stopped.

Kenya Moore Nose Job

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Another accusation that Kenya Moore gets is about her nose. If you see her old picture when she is still on the pageant, you will notice that she used to have a big nose tip, and her nose bridge also appears wide. But when you see her now, she has a small size tip, and her nose bridge has also become thinner in size. This is surely a dramatic change that makes her face appearance also change, and now she has become much beautiful with such a sculptured nose.

Kenya Moore Cheek Implant

It appears that the accusation for Kenya Moore has not stopped there since she also gets accusations about cheek implants. If you see her old picture when she is still on the pageant, you will notice that she used to have a flat cheek, which actually very normal for her since she was also a thin person. But when you see her now, she has a plump cheek which is not there before; this is what makes the accusation about her doing cheek implant.

What makes the accusation even stronger is that the fact that now she has become older, which means she should already lose a lot of her face fat and usually lead to sunken cheek. She surely does not want this to happen, so this adds to the reason why she has to do the cheek implant. And since the cheek is the only one that appears bigger on her face which something weird because all parts of her face should become bigger if that comes from something natural. So the conduction is the change that she gets on her cheek is the result of cheek implant.

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