Paul Stanley Plastic Surgery 2024

From the point of view of a fan, their favorite celeb looks so perfect, not only on the behavior but also on the performance and appearance. This is why even as a rock star, Paul Stanley should always maintain his image. Before on his KISS performance, he always has makeup on, but after the makeup era has ended her surely gets some self cautious about his appearance. This is why people start to talk about Paul Stanley plastic surgery since now people have already seen his real face and notice several changes that happened during his career.

Paul Stanley Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures 2024

Paul Stanley Plastic Surgery Before and After 2024

Paul Stanley Before And After Plastic Surgery

Did Paul Stanley Have Plastic Surgery?

Has Paul Stanley had plastic surgery? The rumor happened not only because he has several changes in his face that already happen a long time ago. But for a recent time, the rumor happened because his appearance seems frozen in time.

Paul Stanley Nose Job

You need to see Paul Stanley in his young era when he as a member of KISS. You could see that he has a large nose with a thick nose bridge and a big bottom part. Then when you see him now, you would be able to see that he has changed all of that. Sure time has passed, however, since he would not be able to change his nose shape that dramatically if he does not do any plastic surgery. The only way that he could change the shape is with cosmetic surgery, and now we could see that he has a smaller nose with a thinner nose bridge and pointier tip.

Paul Stanley Lips Implant

We all know that now Paul Stanley has already passed sixty year, which means he is getting older. For this, he surely gets some aging sign which involved his lips, and he does not have enough fat as it used to be, so it would become thinner as he aged. He surely does not want that to happen, especially since he is a vocalist, and it means people would pay attention to his lips. That is why we suspected that he had done some lips surgery, which filled the implant on his lips to fight the aging sign. This is why we could see that even now, he still has full lips which even fuller than his old lips.

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Paul Stanley Brow Lift Surgery

When Paul Stanley aged, he surely gets a lot of wrinkles in his face, such as in the brow area, and it would be very easy to get wrinkly. This would not look good when he performs, so he surely needs some brow lift to fix the condition. However, it seems that the work is not entirely successful because we could see that he now has too much lifted up brow, and it makes the shape of his brow is too arched. However, some people speculate that he does not do any brow surgery, and the shape of his arched brow is done by himself for fashion, so it is not a brow lift surgery sign.

Paul Stanley Facelift Surgery

The wrinkle surely did exclusively on his brow area, but that surely happened all over his face. That is why he needs to do facelift surgery to make sure that he does not get any other wrinkles. Moreover, he also needs to eliminate some sagging in his skin, which starts to happen. Sadly this procedure also gives him bad side effects since now he gets a botched result on his forehead, and it makes his hairline pulled back. Even with a lot of rumor, Paul Stanley never really admits all of that accusation, so we could only see other changes that might happen to him, which will show clearer evidence.

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