Kesha Plastic Surgery 2023

Along her music career, Kesha has received a lot of controversial rumor, from her eating disorder, weight gain, and Kesha plastic surgery. With a lot of controversy on her life, it surely difficult for her to keep herself in order, especially regarding her appearance that seems to gain a lot of attention. That is why she seems to have done a lot of things to make sure that she gets the perfect body and face which she wants badly. That is why; it is now the time when we could do some search on her plastic surgery.

Kesha Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures 2020

Kesha Plastic Surgery Before and After 2023

Kesha Before And After Plastic Surgery

Did Kesha Have Plastic Surgery?

Has Kesha had plastic surgery? There are many reasons why Kesha is involved in many plastic surgeries. It seems that she always change her appearance, which is why many people speculate that all of those change happened because of plastic surgery.

Kesha Brow Lift Procedure

The first controversy is about the change that she has on her eyes. From her old picture, we could see that she has smaller size eyes which a little closed due to her small eyelid. But on her recent picture, we could see that she has larger eyes and her eyes area has become wider. From that change many people speculate that she has brow lift procedure to raise her brow. With this, her eyes will have a bigger area which makes her vision clearer.

Kesha Nose Job

Next is the controversy about her nose that changed. From her old picture, we could see that she has larger size nose with a wider bridge that used to adore her beautiful face. But on her recent picture, we could see that now she has smaller nose especially on the nose bridge which becomes thinner. And the tip of the nose has become pointier. From that change, we could say that she has done some nose job to change the appearance. But we could see that her appearance looks more beautiful because of her new nose, so we say that her procedure looks success.

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Kesha Breast Implant

Now is the controversy about her breast that seems to change. From her old picture, we could see that she used to have a flat chest. But now on her recent picture, we could see that all of that has changed. Her breast size seems to get bigger all of sudden, and now she supports to the large sized breast. From this, we could see that she has done some breast implant since there is no way she could change her breast size dramatically using any other way.

Kesha Liposuction Procedure

This controversy might be the largest controversy that she has in her life. The start of this news comes when she gets eating disorder that makes her body blown up into a large size. That is why to cope with this problem; she has to do some rehabilitation to cure her disease. And that might be working a lot since now she has slimmer and sexier body. However, there is a time when the dress that she wore revealed some of the liposuction scars on her body. This is why many people suspected that she has done some liposuction to get rid of her body fat.

Regardless what happened whether she really do all of that controversy surgery. The most important thing is Kesha happiness and confidence about her body and appearance. Especially when she is an artist, this is why she has to be confidence for herself and her fans. And since she really is beautiful she should be proud of herself more; Kesha is very talented and beautiful person this is why she has so many fans.

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