Vida Guerra Plastic Surgery 2024

For a model, appearance is everything because they compete against each other using their beautiful image. That is why most of them would do anything to achieve the most beautiful image they could ever dream off. One of those models is Vida Guerra, she is known for her beautiful and sexy image. With her sexy image, she was able to get her picture on the covering of some magazines; this surely makes her fans grew then more and more people love and adores her beauty. But with all of that fame, there are also rumors of Vida Guerra plastic surgery said to be done by the model.

Vida Guerra Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures 2020

Vida Guerra Plastic Surgery Before and After 2024

Vida Guerra Before And After Plastic Surgery

Did Vida Guerra Have Plastic Surgery?

Has Vida Guerra had plastic surgery? They said that Vida Guerra uses plastic surgery to makeover her appearance to become more and more beautiful. She wants to be more appealing to her fans thus making herself more and more famous.

Vida Guerra Boob Job

For a model their body is everything, this is why they want to do anything to give their body the best push up. The first push up Vida Guerra done to her breast and that is not done only once. We all know that she already has beautiful and big breast all her modeling career life. But you must not know that the big breast she has comes from plastic surgery. It is said that she has a breast implant that she was done 12 years ago, however, on the first surgery she only uses the saline implant, and that implant has started to get weird since its starts to press her breast wall and getting flopped lower.

That is why Vida Guerra decides she must do another surgery for her breast, and for this second surgery she uses silicone implant inside her beast. She also wants to have bigger size for this second implant, so she adds around 50 cc to her second implant. That is why now she has used 400 cc implants in her breast and the result really amazing. Now she has beautiful big breast that she wants to have for her body and it surely adds more appeal to her beauty image. It is also considered that it would not be the last time she did surgery since she is still young so that she might do it again for another 10 or 20 years from now.

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Vida Guerra Buttock Treatment

Another thing on her body that she makeover is her buttock, we already know that she is blessed with bootylicious buttock, but it seems like Vida Guerra is not satisfied with what she already has. That is why when you see her now; she comes out with different and bigger buttock which is so big it is not normal anymore. This is why we suspected that she might do an implant. However, the implant used in this part does not come from silicone since it would be too firm and will look fake. This is why we suspected that she had used her own body fat that taken from another part of her body, then transferred it to her buttock to make it bigger.

Vida Guerra Statement on Her Makeover

Regarding her makeover, Vida Guerra has a different answer. For the breast surgery she clearly admits that she has done it twice in her life, however for the buttock implant she never really admits it. However, most plastic surgeon would be able to recognize the implant signature when you ask them about it. But never mind if she really did it or not, since she looked more beautiful and sexy with her new enhance body surely everyone would love with the result.

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