Sara Jean Underwood Plastic Surgery 2024

Sara Jean Underwood is known as a beautiful model with the perfect and sexy appearance. Especially after her constant appearance in the Playboy Magazines, people start to pay attention to her a lot. As a playmate, it is clear that she has to stay beautiful forever, which is why rumor about Sara Jean Underwood plastic surgery is a common thing to be heard from her. Those kinds of rumors are very common for all playboy girls since beauty is what they need to gain all the fame they need in the entertainment industry.

Sara Jean Underwood Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures 2020

Sara Jean Underwood Plastic Surgery Before and After 2024

Sara Jean Underwood Before And After Plastic Surgery

Did Sara Jean Underwood Have Plastic Surgery?                               

The Beautiful model needs to have not only beautiful appearance but also the beautiful body. This is why many people always say that model used plastic surgery to enhance their appearance and body including Sara Jean Underwood. Has Sara Jean Underwood had plastic surgery?

Sara Jean Underwood Nose Job

The first asset that Sara Jean Underwood has is her face; this is why she wants to make her face appears more beautiful than before. And she does that by changing the shape of her nose; we could clearly see that she has a bigger nose with a small bump on the bridge of her nose. But when we see her now, we could see that she has smaller size nose with a thinner nose bridge, and the bump she used to have has disappeared. This is why people say that she has done some nose job to be able to change her nose into those conditions to make her face looked more beautiful than before.

Sara Jean Underwood Boob Job

When we see Sara Jean Underwood the first time on Playboy Magazine, we could clearly see that she appears with the small sized breast. As a model, this is a downside for her since Playboy model is expected to have very big and protruding breast. That is why she did her first breast surgery in 2012 to make her breast bigger. However this change is still too little to show her sex appeal, we could clearly see her picture after that year where she appears with a slightly bigger breast.

Sara Jean Underwood might not be satisfied with the result that she gain from her first breast surgery since the size still considers as small size for someone is beauty industry. That is why she might decide to do another surgery on her breast to make the size even larger than before. From this second surgery, we could see that she clearly satisfy with the result since she now adores with a beautiful breast on her chest which adds more sex appeal to her appearance.

We could see that Sara Jean Underwood has gained a lot of benefits with all kinds of surgeries that she is done to her face and body. It makes her career increased, and more people adores her especially they from the opposite sex. The best part of it all is that she has declared if she really does those surgeries so people would not need to assume that she did. She said that the reason why she did it is because she needs to increase her self-esteem especially since her career as a model and appearance is everything.

It is very brave of her to admit such thing when everyone else who clearly done plastic surgery never have the courage to admit that they did. Sara Jean Underwood is still young that is why more and more surgery still possible for her. However, we hope that she does not do any other surgery since her already beautiful in her current stage so she would not need another change in her appearance.

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