Holly Madison Plastic Surgery 2024

We all know that Holly Madison is very beautiful, that is why even though she is not one of the playmates, but she still gets to be Hefner’s new girlfriends who appear in one of reality show that present the daily life in Playboy Mansion. Of course, that is because she is very beautiful so she could adore the cover of the most famous men’s magazine in the world. But even with her beautiful appearance, it seems that she still has some insecurities with herself. Holly Madison plastic surgery comes out as a solution to overcome her insecurities.

Holly Madison Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures 2020

Holly Madison Plastic Surgery Before and After 2024

Holly Madison Before And After Plastic Surgery

Did Holly Madison Have Plastic Surgery?

Has Holly Madison had plastic surgery? We all know that Holly Madison works as showgirl and model which is why beautiful appearance is very important for her. However, even with that beauty, she still thinks that it is not enough, so she wants to make her appearance even perfect by using plastic surgery procedure.

Holly Madison Boob Job

We all know that Holly Madison has a perfect body. However, she still feels that her body is not perfect, especially since she has small breast with A cup size. This is why she needs to make her breast bigger, and one thing that can make it happen is by using breast implant. And now she has bigger breast with D cup size. It is proven that her new beast size was able to make a big change in her whole appearance.

With Holly Madison new breast size, she was able to gain more interest from people which surely make herself more famous, that way her career also advance to the higher level. But higher level means that more pressure to reveal her beauty secret is also becoming tighter. Luckily she is able to overcome all the pressure and bravely admits that she uses breast implant as her beauty secret. The reason is that she is a model, so she really needs to make her appearance more appealing to enhance her career.

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Holly Madison Nose Job

If you see Holly Madison before and after picture, then you will notice there is some change in her look. That change is available on her nose which used to have big nostril while her nose bridge also appears wide in size. However, if you see her most current picture, you will notice that now she has smaller nostril and her nose bridge size also becomes narrower. Since the change happens on her nose which is the center of her face, it is able to change the whole faces appearance. This means the change was able to affect her face dramatically, so people begin to question about it.

Of course, the question would eventually reach Holly Madison, so she would never be able to avoid it anymore. Then again she is brave enough to admit that she really uses nose surgery to make her nose more beautiful. The reason is that she realizes that her nose appears even bigger when photographed. Of course, this will affect her modeling career which uses her face as important part of her job. That is why she decides to do nose job to reduce the size of her nose so it will appear more beautiful when photographed.

Holly Madison really did her plastic surgery as she admits it, what best is she selects her plastic surgery treatment to be something that she truly needs and not all kinds of surgery. This is a good choice since more surgery could lead to a botched result. Especially when it is done, in a procedure that makes the plastic surgery gone wrong, that she surely does not want to happen.

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