Carlita Kilpatrick Plastic Surgery 2024

As the wife of former Detroit Major, Carlita Kilpatrick seems have a never-ending issue. Her husband long ago has been in jail and then she also gets kicked out from her job. Because of that now Carlita and her family need to move from her big house to another place. She has really hard times and not to mention about her plastic surgery rumor which leads to big problem since his husband cannot pay for his monthly restitution because he used his money to pay for his wife plastic surgery. Carlita Kilpatrick plastic surgery cost even worth about 15,000 dollars. What a huge money!

Carlita Kilpatrick Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures 2020

Carlita Kilpatrick Plastic Surgery Before and After 2024

Carlita Kilpatrick Before And After Plastic Surgery

Kwame Kilpatrick paid for more than 15,000 dollars for his wife plastic surgery to Plastic Surgery Center in Dallas. Because he spends so much amount of money to his wife, he even cannot pay for his own restitution to the City of Detroit. He said that he would do anything to make his wife, Carlita, feel beautiful. He also added that he did not care how much money he will spend as long as his wife concerned.

Did Carlita Kilpatrick Have Plastic Surgery?

Has Carlita Kilpatrick had plastic surgery? Carlita plastic surgery is really a big issue since her husband, and she herself said that the plastic surgery is just to care the stomach which damaged because of her pregnancy several years ago and she also suffers from a hernia caused by the cesarean process. From the statement, we can conclude that Carlita has really gone under surgeon’s knife in order to make her belly or tuck better.

We just do not know in detail what kind of Carlita expensive plastic surgery which spends that so much money. But it looks like with that amount of money the result of her plastic surgery in her belly or tummy should be great. If not, it means she just spends a lot of money for nothing.

Carlita Kilpatrick Move Out to Texas

With her husband in jail because of some issue (like his corruption case), Carlita and her family really have hard times. Before, she lives in a big mansion complete with expensive furniture. But, not too long ago she needs to move out to Texas and live in not such an expensive house. She rented her money and paid monthly about more than 2,000 dollars. She lived with her family in five bedroom house, and it is smaller compared her huge mansion before.

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Many neighborhoods saw when the family move out all of their furniture with pick up. Many people curious where the exact place Carlita will be live in Texas. But after she has been kicked out from her job, it looks like she will have a hard time too in Texas.

People also followed Carita and her husband case. When her husband has lawsuit problem, it looks like the plastic surgery that Carlita takes also becomes an issue since her husband cannot pay for monthly restitution. Therefore, the checks that issued to pay Carlita plastic surgery become evidence used by the persecutors in Kwame lawsuit case. The checks are evidence for Kwane and his family lavish lifestyle.

Anyway, we know that many celebrities and those high social class people are often done plastic surgeries in order to maintain youthful look or just to change their body shape. We just hope that Carlita and her family will trough this problem together and can learn from these issues. Last but not least, it is better to maintain your natural look but not with plastic surgery, and it is better not to spend too much money just for plastic surgery. There is another way to keep good appearances such as you can keep a healthy lifestyle and try to prove your make up.


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