Maria Shriver Plastic Surgery 2024

The ex-wife of popular actor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Maria Shriver, has been rumored to take plastic surgery. Maria is an American journalist as well as an author for several bestseller books. She also takes a job as an anchor on NBC. Besides that, she also the former first lady of former California Governor. Sadly her marriage seems not as shining as her career life since she got a divorce in 2011 after she found out that her husband has been cheating with another girl (their own baby sitter). Well, that’s an old story which happened a long time ago. Now the hottest topic is not about her personal life with her ex-husband, but the news of Maria Shriver plastic surgery.

Maria Shriver Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures 2024

 Maria Shriver Plastic Surgery Before and After 2024

Maria Shriver Before And After Plastic Surgery

Maria Shriver was born at Chicago in 1955, and she is 63 years old right now. Do not confuse with her real age if you just look her face because seriously, her appearance does not say anything if she is already at the end of her 50. She has a younger face, and it makes people wonder what kind of beauty secret that she keeps for her own. Is that really just from brilliant makeup? Or maybe she has gone under surgery knife for some plastic surgery aid? Well, some proof comes from her past pictures. You can compare her old pictures with her recent images. It shows that there are several plastic surgery traces, and maybe the rumor about Maria has done surgery is real.

Did Maria Shriver Have Plastic Surgery?

Has Maria Shriver had plastic surgery? When she planned to separate from her husband because of her husband’s scandal, many people agree with her and suggest that she needs to move on and starts a new life. Yes, she finally divorced Arnold and started a new life, but it looks like she also takes plastic surgery to get rid of her stress and a broken heart. So, what kind of plastic surgery that Maria Shriver has done?

Maria Shiver Botox Injection

Botox is a common aging treatment which effective in getting rid of wrinkles. And it seems Maria also used it too as some effort to maintain her youthful face. There are no wrinkles at all, and her forehead indeed looks toned and elastic. Her flawless and fuller skins make her face looks ten years younger. A healthy lifestyle and good makeup are not possible to give a result such a thing. So that is why many people accused her of taking injection on some parts of her face.

Maria Shriver Facelift Surgery

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A facelift has done as supporting material for Maria Shriver, and it is clearly seen on her smoother face. You can see that she does not have shaggy skins, which usually a woman in her 50 used to. Both the amount of Botox injection and facelift seems enough on her face because she still looks natural, and her face does not look old anymore. Maybe she just takes minimum procedures for her injection and facelift. She looks more beautiful and has a pretty smile.

What did Maria Shriver say Regarding Her Plastic Surgery Rumor?

Maria did not say anything or gives enough response since she does not admit it or denied the rumor. It seems she wants to keep silent and shut her mouth from the media or the public. But, since there is no way a woman at the end of her 50 can have such tighten and fresh skins like that, it surely makes people even stronger to believe that the plastic surgery rumor is true.

The good news of Maria Shriver surgery is she looks good with her plastic surgery from the injection and such. Of course, as the former first lady of California Governor, she has a brilliant idea for her own surgery procedure and prepares it very carefully.

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