Trish Stratus Plastic Surgery 2024

Trish Stratus might look scary to some people since she was involved in WWE a few years ago. She also has been a model for fitness, which leads her to fame. And now, she has opened her new business to follow her talent in fitness after she retired from wrestling. The rumor about Trish Stratus plastic surgery has been around since she was still in the wrestling championship. That is because every woman that dares to enter the industry should show not only a tough appearance but also a perfect body. They have to be attractive enough if they want to be famous in the industry.

Trish Stratus Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures 2024

Trish Stratus Plastic Surgery Before and After 2024

Trish Stratus Before And After Plastic Surgery

Did Trish Stratus Have Plastic Surgery?

Has Trish Stratus had plastic surgery? The perfect appearance on Trish Stratus is not only for her face but also for her body. Of course, she has also done some sports to maintain her figure. However, the difference and her perfect image could not be explained by anything else but plastic surgery.

Trish Stratus Breast Implant

Many people would agree that one of the main things that make Trish Stratus so interesting is her perfect breast. It has a large size with a round shape which surely enhances her curve. But because the size is too big for her petite body, everyone thinks that she uses breast implants to enhance her appearance. Moreover, after she retires from the WWE industry, her breast becomes smaller all of a sudden. This is proof that she once used plastic surgery before and removed the implant after she did not need it. She now teaches yoga, which surely becomes a little bit difficult to do if she still maintains her big breast size.

Trish Stratus Nose Job

Another thing that happened during her career was her nose. Of course, as a model, she needed to have a perfect face, which is why she decided to change her nose shape. You can see from Trish Stratus’s before and after picture that was taken when she was not as famous as today. She previously had an ordinary nose which is surely not too interesting to watch. However, after she became much famous, the shape of her nose changed into a more sculptured one, and the tip became pointier than before. This proves that she really does a nose job to enhance the shape of her nose.

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Trish Stratus Chin Implant

The change in Trish Stratus’s face shape could not be denied anymore. The reason is that she used to have a rounder face shape, which has become longer and makes it appear more oval. It is alleged that she uses a chin implant to change the shape of her face as well as to make her chin appear more pointy. With the change in her facial shape, now she has become more beautiful than before.

Trish Stratus Cheek Implant

You might notice that her cheek appears plump when she smiles. The round shape and more protruding look are alleged to be because of the use of a cheek implant. Moreover, she used to have the sunken cheek in her modeling era, where she had to stay as slim as possible in every shoot. But after she enters the WWE stage, she surely does not want to appear tired and old, which is why a cheek implant is needed.

Trish Stratus always pays attention to her wealth, so she decides to remove the implant she once had after she retires. However, that does not mean she will admit all of those surgeries she has taken before. Moreover, with her getting old, she might need to use Botox injections in the future, and she does not want everyone to know that she uses it.

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