Patti Stanger Plastic Surgery 2024

The Millionaire Matchmaker woman, another big gossip, came from Patti Stanger plastic surgery. We all know that plastic surgery procedure is a common thing which we usually hear in the celeb world. Now, Patricia Stanger, or maybe you know her more with her nickname Patti has done plastic surgery, and she opened to talk about the procedure to the public. Well, let’s appreciate her honesty to the media and her fans. You know it is so difficult to find celebrities who want to talk and open about their own plastic surgery. Anyway, let’s talk about this week’s hot issue. Has Patti Stanger had plastic surgery?

Patti Stanger Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures 2024

Patti Stanger Plastic Surgery Before and After 2024

Patti Stanger Before And After Plastic Surgery

Patti Stanger is a television personality who makes her own reality show titled The Millionaire Matchmaker. She is a businesswoman, the founder as well as the CEO of The Millionaire’s Club International Incorporation. She was born at California in 1961, and her first partner is Andy Friedman, before she moves on with David Krause. Media interviewed and talked about the reason why Patti decides to take plastic surgery procedures, and apparently, since Patti breaks up with her first partner, she wants to gain more confidence with a new look. She wants to feel young again using cosmetic surgery. Moreover, all the plastic surgeries which she has done are to support her dating life after. The dating pressure makes her do something with her appearance, and she decides to get some aid by gone under surgery knife. Well, in such an old age (she is 53 years old right now), it is not surprising that she needs cosmetic surgery to alter her look. Anyway, she also has done other several surgeries, which we want to talk in detail now.

Did Patti Stanger Have Plastic Surgery?

In five years, she has spent her money on plastic surgery, and now she looks more beautiful with a perfect look. Her body also looks slimmer as the result of the hard diet that she has done. With diet and plastic surgery, Patty Stanger’s transformation becomes more and more noticeable. What kind of plastic surgery which she has done so far?

Patty Stanger Botox Injection

Botox Injection is one of the plastic surgeries which Patty did. The Botox gives her younger look by removing the wrinkle and fine lines on her face. She looks ten years younger compared with her real age.

Patty Stanger Facelift Surgery

This procedure has done as supporting material for her Botox injection. A facelift makes her skins tighter, and it also removes the aging signs on her face. Rumor said that she does not do facelift just once but twice.

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Patty Stranger Breast Reduction

Patty has bigger boobs that match with her fat and larger body. And because of that, she maybe does not feel comfortable and decide to decrease her cup size by breast reduction procedure. The result shows smaller, but rounder boobs which fit with now her slimmer body.

Patty Stanger Eyelift Surgery

The eyes bag around her eyes seem to vanish, and it could be the result of eyelift procedure. Her eyes also look larger and wider, which gives her pretty eyes without wrinkles at all.

What Patti Stanger Said Regarding Her Plastic Surgery Rumor?

Well, it is not rumored anymore since Patty herself admitted to doing the plastic surgeries. She said that dating with big body and in such an old age is very tough. Therefore the plastic surgeries which she has done are to support her dating life after she breaks up with her seven years partner. She looks good anyway, praises the doctor who done great jobs on her!

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