John Kerry Plastic Surgery 2024

The subject of John Kerry plastic surgery is an interesting topic because this shows us that not only man on showbiz feels the need for a “new” face, but also a politician. This man that was born by the name John Forbes Kerry on December 11th, 1943 is the 68th and current Secretary of State in the United States. Apart from the plastic surgery allegation, there are many other speculations about why John Kerry’s face looks so different. This can be seen from his eyes that look less droopy than his usual eyes and how his face looks somehow wider.

John Kerry Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures 2020

John Kerry Plastic Surgery Before and After 2024

John Kerry Before And After Plastic Surgery

Did John Kerry Have Plastic Surgery? Is It Plastic Surgery That Changes John Kerry’s Face?

Has John Kerry had plastic surgery? Then did John Kerry have plastic surgery true or not? That kind of question is nothing new, especially when John Kerry appeared with his “new” face to the public. Just by looking at his face, you might be able to speculate what kind of plastic surgeries he’d had. After a time, people found out that John Kerry might have had a facelift, facial fillers, nose job, Botox injections, and brow lift. The set of plastic surgery looks so identical with the series of plastic surgery Marlo Thomas had, hinting that John Kerry might have come to Marlo for some info regarding plastic surgery.

We can’t really say that John Kerry had plastic surgery since he never really confirmed about it but he did give us some nasty explanation. Sadly, this action of his leads to some rather negative comment from people in which they speculate John Kerry is under a lot of stress, having an allergy that causes his face looks different, Botox injection, or Bell’s palsy – a virus that strikes your facial nerves and makes you look like you just had a minor stroke or bad Botox.

A Surgery to Correct a Malocclusion

On 2013, John Kerry no longer feels weird when he’s being the subject of talk here and there about his face in which on 1970 he undergoes a surgery to fix a malocclusion. Thankfully, this surgery doesn’t lead to a botched result but rather makes him a little more attractive to other people.

John Kerry Botox Injection

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During the 2004 presidential race, people went mad when they see John Kerry’s appearance that has a smooth and unwrinkled face. They demand an explanation as to whether John Kerry had some Botox injection or not, which of course his campaign manager denies directly.

Plastic Surgery That Changes His Face

In January 2012, John Kerry showed up for the celebration of Boston Bruins at the White House. While some people said he might have had a plastic surgery done on his face, he just shrugs it all off and said that it’s only a nasty spill caused when he was playing hockey on the New Year’s break. John Kerry even denies the rumor of him using Botox injections or even plastic surgery. He might’ve been so irritated that he has to make an allegory between the debate of him using Botox injections or having plastic surgery with the use of force in Syria.

Unstoppable Negative Rumor about Plastic Surgery

Despite John Kerry’s continuous effort to deny the entire rumor about him having plastic surgeries, it doesn’t stop people from saying that his face right now is the result of plastic surgery gone wrong. Some people even make a strong negative comment insisting that John Kerry should just stay focused on his political policies rather than how he looks to the public, while some agree that whether or not John Kerry has had a plastic surgery or Botox injection is nothing to be linked with his performance in the Senate.

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