Chelsea Handler Plastic Surgery 2024

The Beautiful actress always comes with controversies; this might be the reason why Chelsea Handler plastic surgery comes out. She is very beautiful and famous actress that is why many people love to see her; she even creates her own night show which attracts so many fans to watch her. Especially when now she is already in her mature years, we could still see her as beautiful women which reach her aging age gracefully. That is why many people guess that she has done other kind of procedure to keeps her from aging then she would be able to keep her career going on.

Chelsea Handler Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures 2020

Chelsea Handler Plastic Surgery Before and After 2024

Chelsea Handler Before And After Plastic Surgery

Did Chelsea Handler Have Plastic Surgery?

Has Chelsea Handler had plastic surgery? In our modern year plastic surgeon has become more and more experienced. This is why the surgery would also become an art of making someone more beautiful or a way to make everyone beauty last forever.

Boob Job

Although there are many kinds of rumor about the procedure that has been done by Chelsea Handler, but maybe her breast surgery would be the most famous. This is because everyone would love to know how she could maintain such beautiful shaped breast. Usually when a woman becomes mature, then their breast would also start to flopped lower and sagged. This is due their breast muscle that could not hold their breast anymore. Moreover the breast skin also starts to sag, so it would make it looked worse. However we could not see any of that on Chelsea Handler, we could only see that she has beautiful shaped breast without any flopped or sagging skin visible around it. Judging from this condition, we could say that she is done some surgery to maintain the condition of her breast so she would not lose her beautiful image and breast.

Facelift Surgery

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Since Chelsea Handler getting older she must also show some aging sign on her face which should already be obvious by now. However we still could not see this come through in her face which would be very weird for her. That is why we suspected that she had done some surgery also to maintain her face condition in addition to her breast surgery. There are many kinds of surgery that she needs in order to keep her face from becoming old.

The first surgery that she might do is Botox injection; this surgery is done to keep her skin as smooth as baby skin. And we could easily see the result since she has beautiful and flawless skin that might be too perfect for someone in her age. The second procedure that she might do is the facelift surgery; this surgery is done to keep her skin from getting sagging so she would not get any bag around her face. And we could easily see the result since she has beautiful and tight skin which actually is not normal for someone in her age. She should already life with a few wrinkles in her face and some saggy skin around her eyes and forehead area.

Chelsea Handler Statement on Surgery

As any other before her, Chelsea Handler still keeps her mouth shut since she does not want anyone to know her secret. However, this action gives her disadvantage since more and more people ask about the real truth about her surgery. Nevertheless, Chelsea Handler is still beautiful, and there is still plenty of time when she would need to do another surgery to maintain her appearance. Maybe when that time comes she will eventually admit her surgery. But if she does not, then we could still clearly see the result.

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