Bruce Jenner Plastic Surgery 2024

Even when Bruce Jenner is not on the field anymore, but he still gains a lot of recognition because of his steps daughter reality show. At that show, there are a lot of controversies around his family, however, what makes people more shock is the appearance that he has, which keeps getting worse by the year. The speculation about Bruce Jenner plastic surgery has been around after he gains the medals. However, the change in his appearance is still not stopped only at that moment but continue until now. Living around his former family that has the same issue might add to the controversies. Has Bruce Jenner had plastic surgery?

Bruce Jenner Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures 2020

Bruce Jenner Plastic Surgery Before and After 2024

Bruce Jenner Before And After Plastic Surgery

Did Bruce Jenner Have Plastic Surgery?

Bruce Jenner changes that constant throughout the year is very controversial especially since the change has given him a weird look which appears to be from plastic surgery gone wrong procedure.

Bruce Jenner Nose Job

The most obvious change that Bruce Jenner had is on his face where the shape of his nose changed a lot. If you see on Bruce Jenner before and after picture especially on his appearance after he won his medal, then you will notice how his nose appears big with a large tip and wide bridge. Then in a few years later it completely changed dramatically, especially when the size appeared weird. It becomes too small, and the bridge is so narrow it almost lost completely. With such obvious proof, we can say that he has done a nose job. However, it is not a successful one since he also gets a botched result.

Bruce Jenner Facelift Surgery

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This next surgery is done in eighties era where at that time Bruce Jenner is still in his forties age. It seems that he is a person who very cautious with his look, so he does not want to have any sagging skin on his face. But at that era, the plastic surgery procedure is not as advanced as today, so there are a lot of people that experienced the botched result. And that is exactly what happened to Bruce Jenner facelift surgery.

The procedure that Bruce Jenner had might be done by a plastic surgeon that does not have enough experience. That is why his skin is too pulled, so it becomes too tight. Moreover, his skin appears weird in colors because of the procedure, even though the sag has been eliminated, but it does not give him younger appearance like it should be.

Eventually, Bruce Jenner had done another procedure in 2009, so he could get his old face appearance back after years in despair with his look. But even when he did the second procedure in the modern era, it seems that plastic surgery is not meant for him since the result is not as satisfying as he hoped for. Even though his face appears so much better, but his skin still shows some shimmery appearance. Moreover, an experienced plastic surgeon tells us that his earlobe shape is distorted and it has been pulled down from its original position. This shows that he has done the procedure too much so his face could not cope with it anymore.

When first time asked about those procedures, Bruce Jenner continuously refuses to admit that he is done plastic surgery procedure. However after years of denial finally he admits all of that and says he will search for the better reconstructive procedure. However, that might not be the only thing he has done since more recent rumor says that he has done surgery to his Adam apple to reduce its size. Some people say that he is in crisis in personality after his divorce, so he goes to transgender into women.

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