Vivica Fox Plastic Surgery 2024

Vivica Fox’s involvement in the entertainment industry has made her name famous. Moreover, she has managed to maintain her career from the late eighties era until today by slowly building up her name. However, that is not the only thing she builds up since she also builds her appearance into a better one. Her face and body have dramatic changes over the course of her career, which alleged from the result of Vivica Fox plastic surgery. It is the most common thing to be used by the actress to make their appearance appear better than before.

Vivica Fox Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures 2024

Vivica Fox Plastic Surgery Before and After 2024

Vivica Fox Before And After Plastic Surgery

Did Vivica Fox Have Plastic Surgery?

Has Vivica Fox had plastic surgery? Vivica Fox’s changes in her appearance are so visible since it makes her whole appearance different from the time she debuts her entertainment career. This is the reason why people keep pressing her to know the truth.

Vivica Fox Nose Job

You do not need to pay too much attention to Vivica Fox’s before and after pictures to notice the difference on her nose since it is too different. Her old nose is so flat, and she does not even have a full-size nose bridge. However, if you see her current nose shape, it now has become pointy with a full nose bridge that she surely does not have before. Even though the result of her nose job is very successful but it does change her whole face appearance, so she appears like a completely different person.

Vivica Fox Breast Implant

The change in Vivica Fox’s appearance is not only available on her nose but also on her body. And currently, the one that she wants to improve is her breast shape, which used to be small and not too visible to support her appearance. However, if you see her today, she appears with a much bigger breast shape which surely changes from her old appearance. This show how she used an implant to make the size bigger. Moreover, her breast also appears with a hollow on the back of it that is visible from time to time. Because of this, she cannot show her breast anymore and tends to show them only in tight but closed clothing.

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Vivica Fox Lips Implant

The final touch of change that Vivica Fox has done on her face is by using a lips implant. Like other people who also have ordinary lip shapes like her, she surely wants to change it into a better appearance. That is why she opts for a lips implant that could give her a better appearance with a more sensuous shape that she did not have before.

Vivica Fox Botox Injection

Since now Vivica Fox has reached her fifties, she surely gains a lot of wrinkles which we usually see on our mom. However, for an actress like her, it could not be seen since it might affect her career altogether with her appearance. This is why she opts to use Botox injection to make the wrinkle disappear, as you can see on her face, which cleans from any possible wrinkle. We could say that the procedure was a huge success since now she has a clean face that appears natural.

After some changes in appearance, finally, she admits all of the surgery procedures that she really did to her face and body. She also admits that her breast surgery was botched, and now she is currently looking for a procedure to remove or even replace the implant with a better one.

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