Marlo Thomas Plastic Surgery 2024

Marlo Thomas is a successful actress who comes from the blood of her father that used to work as a comedian. She is known for her beauty at her young age, which is why she successfully brings up a great sitcom and makes her name even famous. She also has a very gentle heart towards children, which is a good thing since not many actresses that have the kind of heart she has. However, she had also broken several hearts of her fans, when one day she comes out with a huge change in her appearance. Since then, Marlo Thomas plastic surgery becomes a huge issue among her fans.

Marlo Thomas Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures 2024

Marlo Thomas Plastic Surgery Before and After 2024

Marlo Thomas Before And After Plastic Surgery

Did Marlo Thomas Have Plastic Surgery? Marlo Thomas Nose Job

Has Marlo Thomas had plastic surgery? The first change that shocked everyone is the nose job, which she did years ago. It is so clear from Marlo Thomas before and after the picture that her nose shape has received a dramatic change. If you see on her before picture, you can get she has what consider as big nose size with large nostrils, although it is still in normal shape. However, if you see her picture now, she appears with a more pinched nose, which is not a normal shape that any human could have. It is clear that she has a botched result since her surgeon has made her nose bridge to be too thin, so it appears as you can see now.

Marlo Thomas Botox Injection

Even though Marlo Thomas had a botched result, it does not make her quit doing other procedures. Especially since she has got older, which means she will show a lot of aging signs on her face. What makes her worried would be the wrinkles that spread all over her face, and of course, she does not want it. That is why she used Botox injection to cope with the issue. This procedure will be able to make her face becomes clean from any wrinkles that might come out. And you can see that her face is having this clean face effect. However, it seems that she uses Botox injection too much, so it makes her face stiff, and she loses her natural expression.

Marlo Thomas Facelift Surgery

Since Marlo Thomas already gets wrinkles all over her face, she surely has another aging effect, such as sagging skin. It surely will make her face appear even older. Of course, she is already old now. However, when you look at her current picture, you would never guess that she is already seventies age if you only look at her appearance. This could be another proof that she really did uses facelift surgery on her face besides the botched result that she has on her face that appears too pulled up.

Marlo Thomas Cheek Implant

Another change that could be seen on Marlo Thomas is her cheek, which appears plump even when she should already have a sunken face. Sunken face happened to her is a normal thing since she already in her seventies, and this is the age where all of her body fats will start to decrease, including some that support her cheek. The fact that she still has a plump cheek shows that she really uses a cheek implant to replace the fats on her cheek.

Even though some plastic surgery procedure has given her botched result, but that does not mean she would not do it again. On the contrarily, she even gets several anti-aging procedures.

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