Nicole Kidman Plastic Surgery 2024

As a successful actress, Nicole Kidman has starred in many films her entire career life. That is what makes her name becomes more popular over the years, so more offers come to her to star in various movies. However, as a professional artist, she surely needs to pay attention to her appearance to make sure that the result of her movies will be perfect. That is why Nicole Kidman plastic surgery is issued to be done to make sure that her appearance is still as perfect as before. Even after years of her career, she stills the perfectionist lady that she was.

Nicole Kidman Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures 2024

Nicole Kidman Plastic Surgery Before and After 2024

Nicole Kidman Before And After Plastic Surgery

Did Nicole Kidman Have Plastic Surgery?

Has Nicole Kidman had plastic surgery? Nicole Kidman is not as young as she used to be. That is why the aging signs start to affect her beauty. And as a perfectionist, she surely does not want to have an old face that appears to be filmed on the set, which is why she starts to use plastic surgery. This is especially shown when she appears on the Cannes Film Festival, in strange face shape that appears bloated, which alleged from the result of botched plastic surgery.

Nicole Kidman Botox injection

If you see Nicole Kidman before and after picture, you will notice that she used to have a lot of wrinkles in her face. However, when she shows up at the festival, she does not have all of those wrinkles that she used to have on her face. This surely because of her use of Botox injection on her face. However, her face also appears bloated. This is a common thing from the result of the overuse of Botox injection. She had admitted to using Botox only once a long time ago, but with this botched result, it shows that she not only uses the Botox once in her life.

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Nicole Kidman Cheek Implant

Nicole Kidman always maintains her body to appear slim because she wants to work on her career longer. As a result, her face also appears slim, which still works well when she is younger. However, as she goes older, this kind of appearance also makes her appear much older than her real age. That is why she now chooses to use a cheek implant to make her face appear younger and fresher. If we see her appearance now, it seems she is experiencing plastic surgery gone wrong procedure and makes her face bloated. They might inject the implant in the wrong way, or they might overuse the implant, so it burden the skin and damage the tissue.

Nicole Kidman Eye Filler

As an actress, Nicole Kidman surely has a lot of things to do, which is why her eyes will become tired and hollow, which makes her have tired expression all the time. She surely does not want her fans to see her in bad condition, so she needs to do something to change her appearance. It turns out that she opts to use eye filler to get rid of her tired eyes and make it fresh once again. It looks like the filler injected under her eyes is too much, so it pushed her eyes and made the eyelid half-closed. The smaller size eyes look droopy, and what makes it even worse is the two eyes do not appear the same as one eye appear more closed than the other. The filler also affects her eyebrow, and her eyebrow becomes dropping because of the same effect. Even though Nicole Kidman does not want to admit that she uses a lot of plastic surgery procedures, but the recent result of her botched plastic surgery has given out all possibilities.

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