Elsa Patton Plastic Surgery 2024

Elsa Patton became more famous after her daughter Marysol Patton gain publicity through her variety show. Since Elsa Patton also featured a lot of time with her daughter she also gains more popularity and becomes famous at the same time, she even considers as the main star of the variety show since many people feel lost when she takes off from the show because of her sickness. But what makes her most popular is about Elsa Patton plastic surgery which becomes the talk of all people that saw her in The Real House Wives from Miami region.

Elsa Patton Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures 2020

Elsa Patton Plastic Surgery Before and After 2024

Elsa Patton Before And After Plastic Surgery

Did Elsa Patton Have Plastic Surgery?

Has Elsa Patton had plastic surgery? What makes the surgery done by Elsa Patton interesting is because her face changes a lot after the surgery. It turns out that she is already did plastic surgery even when she still young, that is why she has done numerous plastic surgery. This is also the reason why her face changes dramatically after a few years of doing plastic surgery. What makes it even shocking is that the procedure that she is has done has given her botched result since her face could not take any other procedure because it appears that she has done the procedure too much.

Kinds of surgery that Elsa Patton has done

First surgery that Elsa Patton has done is faced injection. As we said before she has done this injection even when she is young, and seeing she is older now the injection should be done in the eighties or nineties. At that time, surely the face injection is not as good as now, and people still used silicon to be injected to face. And as we know now the silicon is very dangerous to be injected on someone face. This is why the silicon has accumulated under her face skin because it was done a long time ago, the pool of silicon could not be taken out. And that is why you could see that her face has become bloated in many parts which should be the result of the injection.

Elsa Patton Nose Job

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Next surgery that Elsa Patton has done is a nose job, this also done when she is younger. It appears that she has done nose job a lot of times. At first, the result might give her more beautiful image, so she gets obsess with the procedure, and she did it several more time. This is where the procedure starts to go wrong, that is why you could see her nose has lost its shape and the nose bridge has lost completely because the nose structure could not take any other alteration, so it has destroyed her nose shape.

Elsa Patton Eyelift and Facelift Surgery

Facelift and eyelift have already part of Elsa Patton life when she starts aging. Surely she does not want to get sagging skin and wrinkle all over her face; this is why she wants to do surgery to make her face skin smooth and sleek. However, it seems like she does not really suitable with the procedure or the procedure is done without care since she quickly gets a side effect from it where her eyes get hematomas on for about three years after the surgery. After that, she never does full facelift anymore since she is afraid to get botched procedure again.

Elsa Patton admits all of those botched procedures that she has done. She even reveals her younger photos before she is done that procedure. And from that we could see how beautiful she was before that botched procedure that has to ruin her beauty; she should not have done all of those procedure gone wrong.

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