Marina Sirtis Plastic Surgery 2024

The Star Trek actress, Marina Sirtis, has been rumored to take plastic surgery in order to make her appearance become perfect. Yes, the rumor started to spread not too long ago when she appears on some occasions with a different look. You can see her transformation by comparing her past photos with her current appearance. What happens to her? Is Marina Sirtis plastic surgery rumor is true or false? Anyway, whether the rumor is true or not, we all know that plastic surgery gossip in the Hollywood industry is a common thing and not surprising news. So maybe the rumor of Marina did surgery possibility to be true because everyone does.

Marina Sirtis Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures 2024

Marina Sirtis Plastic Surgery Before and After 2024

Marina Sirtis Before And After Plastic Surgery

Marina Sirtis is not young anymore because she already in her 59. She is an American English actress who becomes famous because of her role in Star Trek movies. From that moment, Marina more and more gains attention from media and paparazzi, and maybe she aware of this as the public figure. You know that, in such an old age, sometimes people start to feel uncomfortable, and they need to alter their look instantly. And this is the reason why plastic surgery is what they think to give the best transformation effectively.

Did Marina Sirtis Have Plastic Surgery?

Has Marina Sirtis had plastic surgery? What kind of plastic surgery that Marina has done? She rumored to get one plastic surgery so far. But, the possibility of other cosmetic surgery in the future may happen to judge by her age right now.

Marina Sirtis Breast Implant

The only plastic surgery which Marina rumored is a breast implant. You can notice the different cup size on her previous pictures with her recent images. Yes, her boobs seem to get bigger and rounder than before, and it makes media and people strongly believe that the breast implant procedure is true. But, her breast implant is too big, and the result does not fit with her body. It looks not proportional since her body brings much larger boobs. The surgery makes her appearance odd in some parts. Maybe she expected the surgery to make her hotter and sexier, well, in fact, it did not go like what she expected.

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Some media revealed and said that Marina did her breast implant procedure when she still in her 30 and others said Marina done that even before 30. Besides that, during the moment, after she did the procedure, she feels satisfied with the result because she looks sexier. It also makes her appearance better, especially in front of the camera.

What Marina Sirtis Said Regarding Her Plastic Surgery Rumor?

Let’s appreciate that Marina Sirtis confesses about her plastic surgery result after a long time she tries to hide the fact. Like we mentioned before, Marina Sirtis satisfied with the breast implant plastic surgery procedure, but after a long time, she regrets that she did it. It is caused now her big boobs affect her healthiness. She does not feel comfortable anymore, and her back also gets hurt because of the big boobs. If this not happened, maybe she will never want to reveal the truth about her plastic surgery procedure. Due to this fact, maybe someday she has a plan for breast reduction to decrease her cup size. Let’s just hope she does not make a mistake anymore.

Judging by her age right now, the possibility of aging plastic surgery treatment may happen in the future. She maybe will take Botox, facelift, or laser treatment in order to make her face younger and maintain her youthful look. Many aging celebrities also did those procedures, and it seems Marina will do the treatments too.

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