Robin Mcgraw Plastic Surgery

Robin Mcgraw is mostly known as the devoted wife of Dr. Phil that gains his popularity in a popular television show. With his husband’s popularity, Robin Mcgraw’s name also becomes more popular. Her book also become famous and she gets more sales because of that. What makes people curious about her is because she still… [Read More]

Priyanka Chopra Plastic Surgery

The Bollywood industry seems to have never-ending stories about celebrities who do plastic surgery. Now Priyanka Chopra also gets such gossip in her career life. Yes, the beautiful Miss World Pageant as well as popular actress and singer in India gone under surgery knife to get some surgery altering her appearance. It becomes a hot… [Read More]

Preity Zinta Plastic Surgery

It seems plastic surgery does not only become popular among Hollywood celebrities but in Bollywood, this treatment becomes more and more popular. Let’s take an example of Preity Zinta plastic surgery since everyone knows who she is from her acting in several India or Hindi movies and films. Preity Zinta was born at India in… [Read More]

Pete Burns Plastic Surgery

Pete Burns is an English singer of the popular and legendary rock band called “Dead or Alive.” He also becomes a brilliant songwriter and television personality. Pete was born at England in 1959, which means he is 60 years old. He becomes so popular when he founded his band and when he appears in several… [Read More]

Paul Stanley Plastic Surgery

From the point of view of a fan, their favorite celeb looks so perfect, not only on the behavior but also on the performance and appearance. This is why even as a rock star, Paul Stanley should always maintain his image. Before on his KISS performance, he always has makeup on, but after the makeup… [Read More]

Olivia Wilde Plastic Surgery

Born in journalist family, Olivia Wilde has known about the entertainment industry for a long time ago. However, what makes her famous is not from journalism but from the acting and production of the film. After appearing in many film productions, she becomes more famous than before. This is why more and more people want… [Read More]

Nigella Lawson Plastic Surgery

Nigella Lawson is a talented chief since she could make such a delicious dish. It makes her very famous since she also sells her recipe through a television cooking program and books. However, it seems like she also likes to eat a lot, so she gains a lot of weight lately. Aside from that beauty… [Read More]

Morgan Fairchild Plastic Surgery

When you see a child actress, you surely expect them to have a doll face and looks cute. However, when they are getting older, the transformation in their face should never be too many changes. Their face would always stay the same, just much older. Sadly Morgan Fairchild does not achieve it since her face… [Read More]

Mike Jeffries Plastic Surgery

Mike Jeffries is a successful businessman, which surely makes him famous. As the CEO of a clothing company, he surely gets a lot of interviews that show his talent and idea as a successful officer. However that exposure to the public does not only produce a good thing for his fame, but it also makes… [Read More]

Michael Jackson plastic surgery

When we talk about Michael Jackson, we could not forget how talented he is, so he could change the music industry with many kinds of songs that he produces. He also considered as one of the greatest singers of all time that has fans on several generations from younger age to older age. Millions of… [Read More]