Kyle Richards Plastic Surgery

Has Kyle Richards had plastic surgery? Being beautiful and sexy does not mean that Kyle Richards does not feel any self-cautious. This is why she might have done some Kyle Richards plastic surgery to make herself feeling better. On the other hand, people still not stop asking about her appearance, but now they asking about… [Read More]

Jennifer Love Hewitt Plastic Surgery

As a teenage artist, we surely saw Jennifer Love Hewitt from her youth, but now she is not young anymore because she has reached her thirty. However as you can see, she is still beautiful as always so you would not notice her age. That is why some people concern about Jennifer Love Hewitt plastic… [Read More]

Heidi Montag Plastic Surgery

Celebrity and plastic surgery seems to life side by side because there is no way that their name would not be following by plastic surgery behind it. That also applied to Heidi Montag plastic surgery that many people talk about. The reason is that she is done it with a lot of controversies along with… [Read More]

Wendy Williams Plastic Surgery

Most people in media industry pay a lot of attention to their appearance, which is why most of them do plastic surgery. That also includes Wendy Williams plastic surgery; she has done several surgeries along her career. The good thing about it is that she openly admits it to the public, so her fans do… [Read More]

Joan Rivers Plastic Surgery

Joan Alexandra Molinsky is an artist, well known for her comedy and act on E! Channel. We could see her continuous career even though she already in her eighties. Then again, she really works hard to maintain her career, not only on her talent but also on her appearance aspect. We think that all people… [Read More]