Goo Goo Dolls Lead Singer Plastic Surgery

A lot of people always admire rock star as someone who looked cool and rocked their world. They not only sings and plays their instrument well but they usually also good looking. This is why they adore not only by men who love them because of their music, but they also loved by women who… [Read More]

Donatella Versace Plastic Surgery

The world of the fashion industry is always full of glamorous and beautiful people such as Donatella Versace. By constantly dealing with beautiful items and clothing, it makes her want to appear as beautiful as possible. Of course, she could achieve that with all the clothing that she designs for her label. But that does… [Read More]

Giuliana Rancic Plastic Surgery

Giuliana Rancic is very successful in her career as an anchor since the E! Entertainment program gain a huge success because of her. Many people start to become interested in the program after they see the beautiful lady that host the show, which is why she gain her fame rather quickly. Afterward her career keeps… [Read More]

Elle Macpherson Plastic Surgery

Elle Macpherson, the beautiful Australian lady with long and blonde hair. She was born at Sydney in 1964 which makes her in her 50 years old. She is a famous actress, supermodel who appears for hundred covers, host, and she even has her own business. Her popular nickname is “The Body” because she ever appeared… [Read More]

Donna Mills Plastic Surgery

Are you fans of Knots Landing? Then you should know about this beautiful actress, Donna Mills. Donna Mills is an American actress who plays in various films and soap opera. She also becomes a producer for several American televisions. She was born at California in 1940 which makes her in her 73 right now. In… [Read More]

Dulce Candy Plastic Surgery

Dulce Candy is quite famous these days, not only because a lot of fashion tips she creates on her blog, but also her appearance on YouTube. She tries to recommend things that looked beautiful as well as informing the current trend right now. She uploads a lot of videos and picture on her blog and… [Read More]

Gabrielle Anwar Plastic Surgery

If you see Gabrielle Anwar, you must admire her exotic beauty that she gains from her father family side with Indian ancestry. This is why she has a rare beauty that no one can have, which allows her to get more popularity beside her already famous family name. That is why she was able to… [Read More]

Haylie Duff Plastic Surgery

When you have a sister that is very beautiful, you might feel pressure on your own beauty. This is might be experienced by Haylie Duff when we know that her sister Hilary Duff is very beautiful. Moreover, her sister is also very famous that is why people think that Haylie Duff uses her sister fame… [Read More]

Elizabeth Berkley Plastic Surgery

When you love television series, you surely have watch series that played by the beautiful Elizabeth Berkley. Her feminine and beautiful appearance makes many people falling in love with her even more. This is what makes her gain a lot of roles not only for television series but also for movies. With her job coming… [Read More]

Gwen Stefani Plastic Surgery

Popular singer or vocalist from No Doubt, Gwen Stefani, was born at California in 1969 which makes her in her 45 right now. Besides becoming a singer, Gwen also known as a fashion designer, actress, and great songwriter. Become a success actress makes Gwen become the subject of paparazzi which always try to find hot… [Read More]