Rupert Everett Plastic Surgery

Public attention on Rupert Everett is a normal thing because he has a perfect appearance. Not only for her face, but his acting ability surely makes the professional attention switch on to him after seeing his great performance.  Especially since he is not only involved in the entertainment industry, but he is also popular in… [Read More]

Robin Mcgraw Plastic Surgery

Robin Mcgraw is mostly known as the devoted wife of Dr. Phil that gains his popularity in a popular television show. With his husband’s popularity, Robin Mcgraw’s name also becomes more popular. Her book also become famous and she gets more sales because of that. What makes people curious about her is because she still… [Read More]

Nigella Lawson Plastic Surgery

Nigella Lawson is a talented chief since she could make such a delicious dish. It makes her very famous since she also sells her recipe through a television cooking program and books. However, it seems like she also likes to eat a lot, so she gains a lot of weight lately. Aside from that beauty… [Read More]

Nancy Pelosi Plastic Surgery

It seems like the politician is not only dealing with politics but also dealing with how they looked like in the public eyes. Politician image indeed has a huge impact on their career. Still, on the overall beauty image, it should not have been too important. However, Nancy Pelosi seems to think otherwise because she… [Read More]

Mike Jeffries Plastic Surgery

Mike Jeffries is a successful businessman, which surely makes him famous. As the CEO of a clothing company, he surely gets a lot of interviews that show his talent and idea as a successful officer. However that exposure to the public does not only produce a good thing for his fame, but it also makes… [Read More]

John Kerry Plastic Surgery

The subject of John Kerry plastic surgery is an interesting topic because this shows us that not only man on showbiz feels the need for a “new” face, but also a politician. This man that was born by the name John Forbes Kerry on December 11th, 1943 is the 68th and current Secretary of State… [Read More]

Jerry Jones Plastic Surgery

Even when he is not inside the entertainment industry Jerry Jones still gain a lot of fame because he is a successful businessman. However, what makes him famous is not because of his business, but because he has bought Dallas Cowboy to his business empire. Since then people start to pay attention to his appearance… [Read More]

Jenna Jameson Plastic Surgery

Jenna Jameson is very famous because of her beauty; this is why many people admire her and want to know how she gets that kind of beauty. They suspected that the beauty that Jenna Jameson has is not a natural thing since it appears too perfect for her and no one could ever have that… [Read More]

Ivanka Trump Plastic Surgery

Ivanka Trump career has been prepared since she was a little girl, of course, it is because of her father has owned a large area of business which she could choose from. That is why to follow the steps of her father she also works in many fields that brings her to success. Even when… [Read More]

Hillary Clinton Plastic Surgery

Hillary Clinton is a great and smart former first lady of the United States. Even though she already not becomes one, she still enjoys joining politic activities and becomes secretary of state for five years starts from 2009 to 2013 under President Barrack Obama. She married Former President, Bill Clinton and from their marriage, they… [Read More]