Ray Liotta Plastic Surgery

It is so interesting when someone plastic surgery going bad and becomes a hot topic, especially if the news is about some Hollywood celebrities. Ray Liotta is for the example of what we call failed plastic surgery. Unfortunately, not all plastic surgery result turns great since there is a lot of celebrities who overdo it… [Read More]

Preity Zinta Plastic Surgery

It seems plastic surgery does not only become popular among Hollywood celebrities but in Bollywood, this treatment becomes more and more popular. Let’s take an example of Preity Zinta plastic surgery since everyone knows who she is from her acting in several India or Hindi movies and films. Preity Zinta was born at India in… [Read More]

Paris Hilton Plastic Surgery

As someone who is very beautiful, Paris Hilton constantly gets in the highlight, especially because she is one of the Hilton’s heirs. Her career as a model opens her way to the entertainment industry. Then she also has some roles in movies that show her other talent. Her reality show series also made the fans… [Read More]

Olivia Newton John Plastic Surgery

If you one of the people who love to watch the film from the seventies, you surely have heard about Olivia Newton-John. Since her adaptation film has received a huge success and even consider one of the best films with a soundtrack that gain great success. At that time, she is also known as one… [Read More]

Nicole Kidman Plastic Surgery

As a successful actress, Nicole Kidman has starred in many films her entire career life. That is what makes her name becomes more popular over the years, so more offers come to her to star in various movies. However, as a professional artist, she surely needs to pay attention to her appearance to make sure… [Read More]

Naya Rivera Plastic Surgery

As a multitalented artist, Naya Rivera has been involved in many kinds of fields such as singing, television series, musical, directing, modeling, and filming industry. With a lot of releases that happened in each field, she makes her name even more famous. Not to mention her rare beauty also make this lady becomes more famous… [Read More]

Morgan Fairchild Plastic Surgery

When you see a child actress, you surely expect them to have a doll face and looks cute. However, when they are getting older, the transformation in their face should never be too many changes. Their face would always stay the same, just much older. Sadly Morgan Fairchild does not achieve it since her face… [Read More]

Michael Jackson plastic surgery

When we talk about Michael Jackson, we could not forget how talented he is, so he could change the music industry with many kinds of songs that he produces. He also considered as one of the greatest singers of all time that has fans on several generations from younger age to older age. Millions of… [Read More]

Melody Ann Scott Plastic Surgery

Melody Ann Thomas or maybe you know her more as Melody Thomas Scott is an American actress who plays soap opera called The Young and the Restless. This soap opera makes her name to become famous. She is a talented and amazing celebrity; her blond hair and beautiful face are what people adore. She was… [Read More]

Melissa Gilbert Plastic Surgery

No one could deny that Melissa Gilbert is indeed beautiful; she also had a great talent. We know that she contributes to the entertainment industry not only as an actress but also as director and producer. Many people undoubtedly admire this Prairie tale princess because of the quality that she has. With her children’s short… [Read More]