Kim Ah Joong Plastic Surgery

Korean celebrity has been the center of the world attention because of the Halyu wave which makes not only Korean singer famous but also their actresses and models. That including Kim Ah Joong because she looks very beautiful and sweet. Then again as all Korean celebrity, there is also Kim Ah Joong plastic surgery rumor… [Read More]

IU Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery has been the part of women life especially when they live in the entertainment industry. They need to look beautiful, so they are willing to do anything to get all of the help needed to transform them into perfect beauty. And this kind of thing does not only happen in the American entertainment… [Read More]

Christa Miller Plastic Surgery

It is not uncommon for an actress to denies any rumor that they get when their appearance is changing. But that does not prevent the fans to question especially about Christa Miller plastic surgery. Her fans even argue about it because some of them think that the result of plastic surgery is fabulous, but some… [Read More]