Sharon Stone Plastic Surgery

As an actress, we always see Sharon Stone in her fine image and attitude, with her high education she has successful in playing many of unique roles. That is why she has achieved many awards for her acting ability including a Golden Globe award. She also a former model; which achieved recognition as one of… [Read More]

Rene Russo Plastic Surgery

Rene Russo used to be a model before she dedicated her life for acting and producing the film. Afterwards, she plays an important role in various movies in many genres including thriller and comedy. Even today in her sixties age, she still staring a lot of movies and still active in other production. But it… [Read More]

Michelle Pfeiffer Plastic Surgery

As an American actress, Michelle Pfeiffer has widely known for her great acting ability that supported by her beautiful appearance which attracts so many movie fans. She has also won so many awards in acting for her best performance. But beside her breakthrough in her acting career, but she also gets her breakthrough in Michelle… [Read More]

Marysol Patton Plastic Surgery

For real housewives, they have been accustomed to having their live published on the television since they create a reality show about it. Not only their television live, but also, their private life that should not have been on the screen, but that publicity which makes the show interesting. Another interesting part is about the… [Read More]

Mary Mccormack Plastic Surgery

For an actress, it is important to gain a lot of attention since that way the actress could gain more fame that eventually will increase their career. One way to get more attention is by having a beautiful appearance that could attract more and more fans to take notice them. That is why more and… [Read More]

Loni Anderson Plastic Surgery

As beautiful young actress, Loni Anderson has achieved a lot of roles along her career. One of the most recognizable is her role as Pamela Anderson’s mother in her television series VIP because they have the same surname and them both beautiful women. But their resemblance is not only their beauty and surname; they also… [Read More]

Kwanghee Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is not an uncommon thing in South Korea; the one uncommon is when someone openly admitted that they have done plastic surgery. Especially when that someone comes from the entertainment industry, this should be a rare thing to do because they would be embarrassed when their fans know about their plastic surgery past…. [Read More]

Kim Ah Joong Plastic Surgery

Korean celebrity has been the center of the world attention because of the Halyu wave which makes not only Korean singer famous but also their actresses and models. That including Kim Ah Joong because she looks very beautiful and sweet. Then again as all Korean celebrity, there is also Kim Ah Joong plastic surgery rumor… [Read More]

Keira Knightley Plastic Surgery

Famous and beautiful, that is the two words used to describe Keira Knightley. Especially after her success in playing the role of Elizabeth Swann, in the famous epic movie series Pirates of The Caribbean, that makes her even more famous than before. Then after her fame, there is also Keira Knightley plastic surgery rumor that… [Read More]

Katy Perry Plastic Surgery

As a popular singer with numerous fans that adore her, Katy Perry always shows perfect persona to her fans. Her beautiful appearance is also one thing that attracts so many fans, especially from the side of man. That is why she tried to make her appearance perfect regardless what it takes to get that. Katy… [Read More]