Pamela Anderson Plastic Surgery

Back in the 90s, our favorite television series, Baywatch, shows the sexy model Pamela Anderson. Filming with David Hasselhoff, Pamela then becomes more and more popular and officially becomes a sexy symbol with her hot and perfect body shape. She married Tommy Lee in 1995, and because of that, many people knew her as Pamela… [Read More]

Nikki Cox Plastic Surgery

Once again, we hear about a celebrity that rumored to take plastic surgery, and now it came from Nikki Cox, who sadly ends with a botched face because of wrong plastic surgery results. Nikki Cox plastic surgery is what we can say to a failed surgery. She may want to alter her look by choosing… [Read More]

Nicole Kidman Plastic Surgery

As a successful actress, Nicole Kidman has starred in many films her entire career life. That is what makes her name becomes more popular over the years, so more offers come to her to star in various movies. However, as a professional artist, she surely needs to pay attention to her appearance to make sure… [Read More]

Nancy Pelosi Plastic Surgery

It seems like the politician is not only dealing with politics but also dealing with how they looked like in the public eyes. Politician image indeed has a huge impact on their career. Still, on the overall beauty image, it should not have been too important. However, Nancy Pelosi seems to think otherwise because she… [Read More]

Mike Jeffries Plastic Surgery

Mike Jeffries is a successful businessman, which surely makes him famous. As the CEO of a clothing company, he surely gets a lot of interviews that show his talent and idea as a successful officer. However that exposure to the public does not only produce a good thing for his fame, but it also makes… [Read More]

Marry Steenburgen Plastic Surgery

Mary Steenburgen looks aging gracefully with minimal sign of plastic surgery in her 61. No wonder she gets title as a woman over 50 who still looks beautiful. Yes, she is in her 60, but her face looks ten younger than her actual age. So, you can judge her age just by looking on her… [Read More]

Lara Flynn Boyle Plastic Surgery

A beautiful American actress that is well-known from the movie Twin Peaks and The Practice is one of many actresses that have done plastic surgery. No doubt that many celebrities do this since, as a public figure, they are forced to perform perfectly both in physical and their work. However, Lara Flynn Boyle plastic surgery… [Read More]

Katty Kay Plastic Surgery

Katherine Kay is an English Journalist who born in 1964, which means she is already in her 50 years old. She grew in many Middle East countries, and graduate from the University of Oxford to take modern language. She is fluent in both French and Italian. Katherine Kay, or maybe you know her more by… [Read More]

Fergie Plastic Surgery

Singer Stacy Ann Ferguson or maybe you know her more by her stage name, Fergie, is popular as hip-hop singer and also a songwriter. She is a great actress, fashion designer, and host for several television programs. She starts to gain popularity when she joined Black Eyed Peas as the female singer in that group… [Read More]

Bernadette Peters Plastic Surgery

Bernadette Peters is a beautiful women with many talents which she used to enter the entertainment industry. And she has proof that all of her talent is not come to waste since she has received many awards not only on the Hollywood base but also from the Broadway where only talent matter. However she also… [Read More]