Angelababy Plastic Surgery 2024

Begin her career since teenage years, Angelababy has become renowned supermodel and actress inside the Chinese entertainment industry. Because of her beauty and talent she no longer only famous in China but she also gains recognition on the Japanese and Korean market. This is why more and more people know about her name and figure which they adore the most. However, more fame means more risk for her since now there is some rumor about Angelababy plastic surgery comes out. This surely something that she never expects to happen because she wants to look perfect all the time.

Angelababy Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures 2020

Angelababy Plastic Surgery Before and After 2024

Angelababy Before And After Plastic Surgery

Did Angelababy Have Plastic Surgery?

Has Angelababy had plastic surgery? Since Angelababy always comes out with the beautiful image all the time, people start to argue about how she could be that beautiful. That is why accusation about plastic surgery comes up because people think that her beauty is a plastic beauty.

Angelababy Eyelid Surgery

As you know most East Asian people have small eyes which become their signature, however Asian people do not consider this as something that is beautiful. That is because, for Asian people, beauty means big eyes, which is why Asian people need to do double eyelid surgery to give them larger eyes that they want.

You could see on Angelababy younger picture where she has just start to do modeling career; she still has small eyes which is normal eyes for her. However, if you see her more recent picture, you will see that she has large eyes which is not possible for her. Even when she grows older, there is no way that her eyes would become big as that, so the only answer to that is just surgery.

Angelababy Nose Job

This is one of the most common surgeries which done by everyone inside the entertainment industry, especially for Angelababy which work as a model, she surely needs to have the perfect face. But as you can see on her old picture where she starts her modeling career as a teenager, she still has a big nose with bump visible on the tip of her nose. This surely not a good nose shape that you would like to have inside modeling industry,

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That is why in order to change the shape of her nose, Angelababy needs to do some surgery so she could have the perfect nose that she wants to have. You could see that now she has a smaller nose with more sculptured shape. Moreover, the bump in the middle of her nose has now gone, leaving her with perfect nose shape which she always wants to have.

Angelababy Jaw Surgery

The reason why Angelababy chooses jaw surgery, this might be because of her modeling career. As you can see on her teenage picture, she has more around shaped face which happened because she has a big jawline. However, if you see her now, she appears with a more oval shaped face which is not possible even when the weight loss has become the cause of the transformation. That is why we could say that she has done some jawline surgery.

Angelababy Statement Regarding The Surgery Matter

Apparently, Angelababy does not like when people talk about her plastic surgery, she always wants people to see her as someone who has natural beauty. She once getting caught going into a plastic surgery clinic, at that time she quickly denies that she goes to the plastic surgeon to do some surgery. She said that she goes there to get back up for her statement that she is never did any plastic surgery and she wants the surgeon to speak to her as the proof to the public and saying that she is all natural.

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