Julia Roberts Plastic Surgery 2024

You surely need to know Julia Roberts which widely known as pretty women as one of the most famous roles that she had aside from her other roles. Of course, now she has become more famous since her first appearance, and everyone will know her when they see her. That is because she always gets a lot of attention from her fans, but because of that she also gets rumors about Julia Roberts plastic surgery. This is a normal thing since everyone pays a lot of attention to her so every change in her appearance would not go unnoticed.

Julia Roberts Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures 2020

Julia Roberts Plastic Surgery Before and After 2024

Julia Roberts Before And After Plastic Surgery

Did Julia Roberts Have Plastic Surgery?

Has Julia Roberts had plastic surgery? As other actress the rumor about plastic surgery had happened even years ago, this is why she gets quite a lot number of rumor. And those rumors even gets more intensive since now she gets older and some aging sign should affect her appearance.

Julia Roberts Nose Job

You should look at Julia Roberts old movies when you want to know the difference that she had in her face, first is about her nose shape. She has very big nose with a large nose bridge and even larger nose tip which surely appear too much for her face. However, if you see her new movies not, you will be able to notice that her nose shape has been toned down a little bit. Her nose has become much smaller, her nose bridge has become thinner, and her nose tip also becomes smaller. Now she has much-sculptured nose shape which more appropriate for her face shape, what best about it is that Julia Roberts does not do the transformation too dramatic so the change is still subtle and you would not notice it if you do not pay attention closely to her image.

Julia Roberts Eyelid Surgery

Next is happened because of Julia Roberts has aged, you must have known that when people aged the skin around their eyes will get sag thus creating eye bag around the eyes which will make the eyes becomes droopy and the eyelid will become closed. This thing had to have happened to Julia Roberts. However, we could not see this happened to her even today. This is what makes people become suspicious to her whether she has done some eyelid surgery which used to eliminate sagging skin in her eyes so there would not be any eye bag could form in her eyes.

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Julia Roberts Facelift Surgery

Aside from the sagging skin on her eyes, people that have almost reached their fifties will get sag all over their face which is one of the most common signs of aging. However, you could not see it on Julia Roberts’s skin at all, and her skin is still smooth as a baby. This is why people become suspicious to her whether she has done some facelift surgery to cope with the problem. And that is one reason why the sagging skin has been disappearing from her skin.

Julia Roberts’s statement about her rumor

Julia Roberts never admit the surgery that she is done to her face, this is because she does not want people to believe that she has done any of that rumor. She even said that she has risked her career by not doing any facelift when she was getting older. And she wishes that she could keep on her career for at least 5 more years. She said that she would depend on her good genes to keep her beauty. This is why we would not know whether those rumors were true or not since she does not want to admit it.

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