Park Bom Plastic Surgery 2024

Park Bom has a beautiful voice and funny 6D personalities, which make people love both her voice and personality. Her high vocal ability makes her collaborate with a lot of actresses in YG entertainment. Since the debut, there is a lot of difference that happened on her face. That is why Park Bom plastic surgery is alleged to happen. Moreover, with a continuous change that happens along with her career, it is possible that she not only done the surgery only once but a few times already.

Park Bom Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures 2024

Park Bom Plastic Surgery Before and After 2024

Park Bom Before And After Plastic Surgery

Did Park Bom Have Plastic Surgery?

Has Park Bom had plastic surgery? There are many people that will agree she has done a lot of plastic surgery to alter her appearance. It seems like she becomes addicted to plastic surgery because of the pressure of the Korean entertainment industry, which high standards of beauty.

Park Bom Nose Job

If you see Park Bom before and after picture that was taken before her debut, she used to have a big nose shape and a big nostril. However, after her debut, the shape of her nose has changed, and the nostril has become smaller. At this time, she is alleged to do her first nose job, which makes her appear better for her debut stage. It seems that she is not satisfied with her first nose job yet. This is why she has done the second nose job in the middle of her career. Now she has a much-sculptured nose, and the size is even smaller than the first nose job.

Park Bom Eyelid Surgery

If you see Park Bom, then you will notice that her eyes would be too open for Asian people. That is why she is alleged to have used double eyelid surgery to reshape her eyes and make it open wider. This kind of surgery is actually a common thing for Korean celebrity to use since their standard of beauty makes them have to have double eyelid, and only a few Korean has it naturally. Of course, the other one that does not have double eyelid naturally have to do surgery to get it. Some of her fans defend her by saying that she had uses big eyelashes and thick eye makeup, and it makes her eyes appear larger, so it is no surgery at all.

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Park Bom Breast Implant To Achieve More Feminine Curve

As a lady, Park Bom surely needs to appear more feminine, which is why she needs to enhance her curve by using breast surgery. You can see that she used to have a small breast size in her debut era. However, if you see her appearance now, you will notice that she has a bigger breast size.

Park Bom Face Implant Or Because Of Lymphatic Disease

The most notable change in Park Bom is her face shapes. Her face shapes constantly changing from time to time. Some celebrity blogger says that she used face implant too much, so her face is swelling. But the fact is she actually suffers from a lymphatic disease and makes her face becomes bloated from time to time. On one music show, the lymph nose located on her neck on the right side is swollen, and it shows the disease kicks in. At other times she also appears to apply ice cup to her bloated face and swollen lymph to ease the pain. Although some celebrity blogger would not believe this disease exist. Still, Park Bom is living proof of how the disease could change her overall appearance.

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