Ryan Gosling Plastic Surgery

As someone who begins his entertainment journey at a tender age, Ryan Gosling always had a positive image in front of his fans. This is the reason why his fans admire and want him to look perfect. However, the pressure of having appeared perfect also have a negative effect too. That is why Ryan Gosling… [Read More]

Rick Springfield Plastic Surgery

The famous Australian musician, Rick Springfield, is maybe getting plastic surgery results that far from his expectation. He appears in dramatic change which makes people and media assume that the possibility of Rick Springfield plastic surgery is true. The handsome man who caught a women’s heart has to turn into an unrecognizable man with his… [Read More]

Pete Burns Plastic Surgery

Pete Burns is an English singer of the popular and legendary rock band called “Dead or Alive.” He also becomes a brilliant songwriter and television personality. Pete was born at England in 1959, which means he is 60 years old. He becomes so popular when he founded his band and when he appears in several… [Read More]

Paul Stanley Plastic Surgery

From the point of view of a fan, their favorite celeb looks so perfect, not only on the behavior but also on the performance and appearance. This is why even as a rock star, Paul Stanley should always maintain his image. Before on his KISS performance, he always has makeup on, but after the makeup… [Read More]

Park Bom Plastic Surgery

Park Bom has a beautiful voice and funny 6D personalities, which make people love both her voice and personality. Her high vocal ability makes her collaborate with a lot of actresses in YG entertainment. Since the debut, there is a lot of difference that happened on her face. That is why Park Bom plastic surgery… [Read More]

Nicki Minaj Plastic Surgery

It seems the news about celebrity’s plastic surgery will never end, and we can always get fresh and new rumors about them. Now let’s talk about Nicki Minaj plastic surgery issue which somewhat looks weird and wrong in some parts. Yes, Nikki Minaj has rumored by the media to take plastic surgery, and it becomes… [Read More]

Naomi Judd Plastic Surgery

The 68 years old woman, Naomi Judd, was born at Kentucky in 1946. She is a country music singer and songwriter plus an activist for several social activities. She was born with the name Diana Ellen Judd and she already married twice. The first married is with Michael Ciminella, and she has two daughters while… [Read More]

Miley Cyrus Plastic Surgery

Miley Cyrus’ talent has been seen since she was still a child and stars in several dramas in small roles. However, she becomes more famous when she reaches her teen when she stars in the television series, which makes her really famous. And now she has reached adult age, in which she starts to change… [Read More]

Michael Jackson plastic surgery

When we talk about Michael Jackson, we could not forget how talented he is, so he could change the music industry with many kinds of songs that he produces. He also considered as one of the greatest singers of all time that has fans on several generations from younger age to older age. Millions of… [Read More]

Mariah Carey Plastic Surgery

Sexy and beautiful is what you are going to say when you look at Mariah Carey, American diva who born at New York in 1970. Mariah, as a singer and songwriter, has a sweet voice and memorable songs from time to time. She is also life as a great actress from several films that she… [Read More]