Betty White Plastic Surgery 2024

Who does not know about Betty White, she is the only artist that able to have a career in the television industry for the longest time. This is why most people over generation are able to recognize her, especially since a lot of her comedic series is very famous because a lot of people have watched it. However, since she is also very famous, a lot of people notice how she gets to change from time to time. That is why Betty White plastic surgery rumor has come out since she still in young age, even today as she gets older the rumor stays. Has Betty White had plastic surgery?

Betty White Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures 2020

Betty White Plastic Surgery Before and After 2024

Betty White Before And After Plastic Surgery

Did Betty White Have Plastic Surgery?

Even when continues plastered about the issue on plastic surgery, Betty White still defend herself by saying she never get any plastic surgery. However, if you see her appearance, you will see that she somehow aged slower than the other. Even though she still has some aging sign but her appearance still fresh and her eyes still sharp as always. That is why most people would not believe she has done plastic surgery before. Her appearance also seems very natural even though she surely aged slower than the other. But that might also because she has used the anti-aging procedure to prevent some of her aging sign.

Possibility of plastic surgery that Betty White had done in her life

Usually, when a celebrity has already reached ninety ages as Betty White, they would already achieve a lot of aging sign such as wrinkle on her skin. Usually this kind of aging sign is being treated by using Botox injection on the muscle below it. But this kind of procedure, if done not by professional and resulted in botched appearance, then the skin will appear frozen. This kind of result surely does not want by an actress who needs to express themselves when they act according to the script. This might also be the reason why Betty White never did any of that injection.

Along with the wrinkles, there should also much-sagging skins that available on Betty White’s face which surely affect her condition when she appears on television. Usually, this kind of effect is being treated with a facelift surgery to pull on the sagging skin and make it smooth once more. However, for an actress like Betty White, she could not have her skin being pulled up since it will make her face too tight so she could not move her face anymore. This is why she opts not to do that kind of surgery.

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Betty White Eyelid Surgery

The most obvious aging sign that Betty White had might be in her eyes where it will become droopy as the skin of her eyelid will be sag because of the aging sign. However, as you can see that she still has her eyes open wide, which shows that she has done something on her eyes so the droopy effect could be gone. And the only thing that she could have used to get that kind of effect is eyelid surgery.

Has Betty White admitted any procedure of plastic surgery that she has done?

Years after years Betty White says that she is never did any plastic surgery, however on her new released memoir she has said that she once done eyelid surgery in the year of 1976. Even when that time she does not need any of that procedure, however, she feels the need to do eyelid surgery since she feels her eyes become droopy and she does not want her eyes to covered by sagging skin which will disturb her activity. However, she said that aside from that one procedure she never did anything else.

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