Wendi Deng Plastic Surgery 2024

You might now Wendi Deng as the rich and famous, with all the money she gets from leaving her second husband which is the right mogul from the news industry. However, that is not the only thing she famous for because she also has a lot of controversies in her life, especially about Wendi Deng plastic surgery. How she managed to stay beautiful and young even in his current old age, that is why we could say that she must use something to make that happened. Now we will discuss all of the procedure she might do.

Wendi Deng Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures 2020

Wendi Deng Plastic Surgery Before and After 2024

Wendi Deng Before And After Plastic Surgery

Did Wendi Deng Have Plastic Surgery?

Has Wendi Deng had plastic surgery? It is not an uncommon thing for a woman in her age to get controversies like this, especially when they could maintain their beauty. For Wendi Deng, it goes far beyond because not only we see she could maintain her beauty, but she has become far more beautiful than her old younger days.

Wendi Deng Nose Job

That is why we should see the change that Wendi Deng has in her life, and the first is her nose. You could try to see her appearance when she first married her second husband. We see that she is very different in her appearance back then, but that happened might because of her style. However, the style is not the only thing that changed because she has changed a lot more than that. If you see her old nose, we could see that she has very big nose, which is not very flattering and she might also realize this fact. This is why she has decided to change the appearance of her nose. We could see that she has changed her nose to be slimmer with more sculptured appearance, especially on the nose bridge area.

Wendi Deng Eyelid Surgery

You already know that she comes from Asian descendent which means that she would have small sized eyes which becomes the signature of the Asian people. However, since she now has lived in the United States, of course, she does not want to leave behind by all of her friends that have the western standard of beauty. This is why she wants to change her eyes appearance and after she married her eyes has changed into bigger and larger size than before. And there is no other way that she could have this kind of eyes without surgery.

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Wendi Deng Chin Implant

Once again when we see Wendi Deng in her wedding picture, we could see that she has flat tip chin which makes her face looked to be in square shape. This is why we should look at her current picture and realize that now she has pointy chin tip which should be weird because we do not know where that comes from. From that, we could conclude that she is done another surgery to her chin to get an implant that could make her chin more sharper. Along with her chin change, we could see that it also gives her a lot of advantage since now she it looks like she has a longer face with the more oval shape.

Wendi Deng Statement Over Controversy

As all high-class people, we could not ask her directly about all of this controversy. That is why we could not make sure if really do all of that surgery or not. However, as we see the result you could notice that she gain a lot of advantage from it since now she could get all the men she wants to have, especially when she already single again. So she could do anything she wants.


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