Jocelyn Wildenstein Plastic Surgery 2024

When someone lives in a very extravagant life, they surely able to do anything they pleased for any reason they want. This is why Jocelyn Wildenstein plastic surgery is done because she loves her husband so much. Jocelyn Wildenstein and her husband are known for their loves in big cat. That is why she want her husband to loves her more by becoming big cat herself. This might be something unnatural and weird for most people, but for Jocelyn Wildenstein it is not. That is why she has searched for the help of many plastic surgeons to fulfill her desire. Has Jocelyn Wildenstein had plastic surgery?

Jocelyn Wildenstein Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures 2020

Jocelyn Wildenstein Plastic Surgery Before and After 2024

Jocelyn Wildenstein Before And After Plastic Surgery

Did Jocelyn Wildenstein Have Plastic Surgery? Procedure To Jocelyn Wildenstein Feline Beauty

It apparently that Jocelyn Wildenstein is able to find the surgeon that she wants and agrees to help her achieve her dream. Her once beautiful human face has now transformed into something more feline beauty face. This is why she is known as a cat lady.

To be able to achieve such beauty Jocelyn Wildenstein has to do several procedure which surely not common for anyone else. When people do any plastic surgery, they used to want to look perfect and beautiful with the human standard of beauty. But Jocelyn Wildenstein does not want that, on the contrarily, she want something in her own standard that no one might understand.

The first thing that Jocelyn Wildenstein do is to change her eyes shape, on her old picture we could see that she once have big beautiful eyes to adore. But now as you can see she has small eyes in the shape of cat eyes with lines on the side. We think that she is a success with this, and all she need now is to use a cat eyes contact lens to have perfect cat’s eye.

Next thing that Jocelyn Wildenstein does is to change the shape of her nose. We see that she used to have big nose especially on the tip of her nose. When everyone else changes their nose, they usually want to make the nose thinner and sharper. But she does more than that; now we see her with thinner nose with a small tip that we used to find in cat nose.

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Move on to Jocelyn Wildenstein cheek we see that she used to have thin cheek with beautiful small plump on her face. But we think she injects her cheek to make it bigger as you can see she now have bigger cheek which leaning down to her lips like the one we see on the upper side of cat whiskers.

Along with Jocelyn Wildenstein cheek surgery, we see that she also change the shape of her lips by surgery and injecting some lips implant to make it bigger and rounder. This is not a normal shape for human lips because her face looks more like a cat now. The shape of her lips has moved towards the center of her lips so it would look like a cat. She also makes it bigger, so it looked like plump in cat’s lips.

Jocelyn Wildenstein Opinion About Feline Beauty

As normal person, we might feel that Jocelyn Wildenstein alteration is a shocking thing. Especially when she tries to turn into something that she is not, that is why most of us think that her surgery has gone bad. But that is not the case with Jocelyn Wildenstein feelings, even after seeing the result herself, she feels satisfied. When she looked at herself in the mirror, she still thinks that she is beautiful. This is why plastic surgery is all the matter of personal preference when you think that you are beautiful, then nothing else is matter.

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